Aesthetica Matte Lip Contour Kit Lipstick Palette Set Includes 6 Lip Colors 4 Lip Liners Lip Brush

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Have Full, Plump, Kissable Lips All Day with The Aesthetica Lip Contour Kit! While fashions may change with the seasons, full, kissable lips are always in style. Some women may choose plastic surgery or fillers to enhance their lips. However, it is possible to achieve this look yourself with the right tools and some simple guidance! Aesthetica Cosmetics works closely with leading makeup artists in the industry to create a lip contouring kit suitable for nearly every skin tone in a palette that includes the hottest trending lip shades and liners. You can mix and match the colors in the kit to create an endless array of looks. Goodbye Plastic Surgery and Fillers, Hello Aesthetica Lip Contour Kit! With the Aesthetica Lip Contour Kit, you can: Make thin lips appear fuller Create a more desirable shape for your lips Balance out uneven lips Downplay overly full lips Correct uneven lip color Each Lip shape may need a different strategy. Everything You Need In One Palette To Make Your Lips POP!!! The Aesthetica Cosmetics Lip Contour Kit includes: Five Gorgeous Lip Colors (Jet Setter, Célfie, Media Darling, It Girl, Glam Squad) Our Unique Lip-popping Highlighter (Pop Princess) Two Double-ended Lip Contouring Pencils (Bomb Shell, Swag, Stalker, Party Girl) Pro-approved lip brush for flawless application Easy-to-follow Instructions with Lip Shape Diagrams and Shade Guide Master Lip Contouring Techniques Like A Pro! It only takes a few steps to have the PERFECT Celebrity Contoured Lips you desire... STEP 1: Exfoliate and moisturize your lips with non-greasy balm STEPS 2 & 3: Apply the highlighter, Pop Princess, to the center of your top lip, between your Cupid's bow and from the center to the lowest part of your bottom lip STEPS 4 & 5: Line your lips with the pencil liner and shade in your lips at the outer corners blending inward STEP 6: Fill in your lips with the matte lip color and blend The Possibilities are ENDLESS! The Aesthetica Lip Contour gives you endless posibilities on how to create a variety of techniques including: Lip Contouring and Highlighting Ombre Highlighting Lining your lips to your lip shape and color How to create the perfect nude & red lip We are a company that specializes in quality makeup that is made with the finest materials. Our products are 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free! No animals are EVER tested on or harmed during the development of our products.