TBI Pro Professional Dog Training Collar with Remote LongRange 1600 feet Flash Vibration Control

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Looking for a high-quality training tool for your dog? Thanks to an improved premium design using high-quality materials, you will surely use the remote transmitter and receiver collar for many years. The collar is completely waterproof! Additional tips for effective training: - You can choose channel 1 or channel 2 to pair the remote and device The system can pair 2 receivers at the same time. - Use beep mode to improve walking and leash training (recommended for beginners). - Use vibration mode to correct barking and disobedience (pre-test to find the appropriate level) Fully charged indicators: Remote: Fully charged. The RED LED will become solid. Receiver: Fully charged. The Blue LED will become solid (The LED will be fast blinking if Low Power) Enjoy long battery life and fast charging! Charging time takes up to 2 hours. Both LEDs on the remote and receiver will blink slowly while charging. Has your dog behaved the way you always wanted? This high-quality dog collar provides a customizable training experience to help both expert trainers and pet owners. Your small puppy or adult dog will definitely behave the way you want with effective beeps and vibrations. STOP spending hundreds of dollars on ineffective dog trainers. STOP wasting time and money on cheap dog collars with remotes that don’t help! Say YES to the amazing remote training collar with super easy control, waterproof capabilities, a huge screen & incredible customization! Read more Advanced control with a huge LCD screen & separate buttons Use different modes including beep, light, and vibration. The vibration mode has levels ranging from 1 to 100 for personalized training. Find the level your dog responds the best to and stick to it. Super long reach Our advanced antenna design can reach ranges up to 1500 feet. Comfortable to hold Ergonomic design that is comfortable to hold and easy to control with large separate buttons. Perfect Dog Training Collar with the Remote to train your pet! Read more It is the high-quality eco-leather multifunctional collar for your dog's comfort It fits for 10-100 lbs dogs. The proper fit is necessary for effective training and better control. How to fit it properly? Make sure the collar is turned off;Have your pet standing comfortably;Place the collar receiver on your pet’s neck close to the ears;Enter the contact points under your pet’s neck to touch the skin;The collar should fit tightly, but loose enough that two fingers fit between the strap and your pet's neck. Wash the dog’s neck area and the contacts of the collar weekly with a damp cloth. Read more Durable, lightweight & waterproof Fast simultaneous charging Charge both the collar and the receiver with 1 charger at the same time. Double fast charging! When to recharge? The Remote Transmitter: the low battery symbol will appear at the bottom of the LCD screen. The Receiver Collar: the blue LED indicator will blink quickly when the power is low. Read more Cautions for proper use: Fully charge before first use.The remote transmitter is NOT waterproof.The max amount of time you can continuously apply Vibration to you dog is 10 seconds.Inspect the contact area daily for signs of rash or inflammation.Immediately stop using the product for at least 48 hours if your dog’s neck becomes red and irritated. If the condition persists beyond 48 hours, please consult your veterinarian.Never attach the leash to the Receiver collar.Avoid leaving the collar on the dog for more than 12 hours per day.Try to reposition the collar on the pet’s neck every 1-2 hours.Never contact the lead to the electronic collar. It will cause excessive pressure on the contacts.Wash the dog’s neck area and the contacts of the collar weekly with a damp cloth. Read more