APEMAN A80 Action Camera 4K WiFi 20MP 40M Waterproof 4X Zoom Sports Camcorder Gyroscope AntiShaking

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Complete Equipments in Portable Bag 2*1050mAh batteries enable the action camera a long-lasting time of 1.5 hours recording in 4K resolution. And there are also 20 more accessories helping you record in all kinds of sports like snorkeling, hiking, skiing, and cycling. Waterproof Case and Dust-proof Cover Made with high-quality Acrylic material IP68, the Waterproof Case and the extra Dust-proof cover will help you protect the underwater camera from all kinds of damages in daily uses. Ideal for water sports such as diving, swimming, drifting, surfing, etc. Installation on Helmet Following the instruction, combining the waterproof housing with Mount and Flat Adhesive Pads, you can easily attach the action camera on your helmet. However, please pay attention that you should also use the Release Buckles to ensure it will not fall down. Installation on Bike Following the instruction, assembling the Waterproof Case with Extension Mount and Bicycle Mount, you can conveniently use the sports camera on the bike or motor bike, which is really a good news for Cycling enthusiast and Locomotive fans. Read more Electronic Image Stabilization Built-in smart gyroscope and EIS for image stabilization makes it easy to catch every move for more stable and smooth videos, suitable for skateboarding, cycling, surfing and other extreme sports. Dash Cam Mode Connect to the car charger, the camera will automatically start recording once the engine is turned on. And automatically saving recording files and shut down once the engine is turned off. 40 Meters Waterproof Performance Improved IP68 waterproof case which bears high pressure underwater up to 40 meters / 131 feet, could help you explore and memorize the unknown underwater world with all details of your adventures. Read more A66 A77 A79 A80 A100 Max Pixel 12 MP 16 MP 16 MP 20 MP 20 MP Max Resolution 1080P FHD 4 K @ 25 fps 4 K @ 30 fps 4 K @ 24 fps 4 K @ 30 fps Waterproof Depth 98 Feet / 30 M 98 Feet / 30 M 131 Feet / 40 M 131 Feet / 40 M 131 Feet / 40 M Stabilization Anti-Shake Anti-Shake Anti-Shake EIS+Gyroscope EIS Self-Timer ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Wi-Fi ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Burst Photo ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Remote control ✓ ✓ Zoom ✓ Motion Detection ✓ ✓