Aptoco Back Brace Posture Corrector for Women and Men Fully Adjustable Support Brace Improves

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APTOCO- Our job is to create back straightener posture corrector that helps more men and women back straight and healthy. APTOCO- A manufacture for braces with more than 10 years’ experience. We make back braces that can be worn invisible under clothes and help to improve posture, relieve pains of upper back, lower back. The Aptoco Posture Corrector can quickly bring you these proven benefits: Accelerated injury rehabilitation and injury prevention (pre-hab): get your personal, work, sporting and social life back and enjoy your chosen activities without fear of injury!Deeper breathing, increasing oxygen flow and energy: Sculpt a lean, powerful physique which lets your body function optimally.Back pain relief: Kyphosis (hunch back), Lordosis (sway back), Scoliosis, Sciatica pain relief.Space for nerves and internal organs to function properly.Sporting injuries resolved and prevented: shoulder or back pain relief, getting you back enjoying your sport.Improved mood and confidence from a healthy body.Relieve workplace injuries - from deskbound or physical jobs, awkward body positions, long driving hours: work once more in comfort without causing further complications. For users undergoing treatment or still growing, please consult a doctor before use. Pregnant women should never use. During use, if allergic reation occurs,please stop using immediately.Years of study (which continue to this day), followed by over 10 years of experience with thousands of clients speak for themselves. We've worked with them all - from deskbound workers to gym enthusiasts, sufferers of 101 different aches and pains, people seeking back pain relief or injury rehabilitation to referrals from professionals such as osteopaths and chiropractors to leading surgeons. Aptoco posture Corrector delivers, effectively and consistently.Now you should know that if you do decide to go ahead with the Aptoco Posture Corrector, you have one-month to receive a 100% money-back refund, that if it is not for you. How to Wear Aptoco Posture Corrector Q1: If I'm in between sizes, which size is best for me?A1: We provide five sizes: S(26.7"~31"),M (31"~35"), L (35"~39"), XL (39''~43''),XXL (43''~47''). Since both are adjustable with Velcro straps, we recommend you choose the bigger size and adjust for the best fit. Q2: Can I wear it under my t-shirt?A2: Although the material of the posture corrector is breathable and skin-friendly, to ensure your comfort we still do NOT recommend wearing it directly touching your skin. Q3: Is it washable? What are the washing instructions?A3: The posture corrector is washable, and we recommend hand-washing to prevent stretching from the machine. When washing please remember:1. Remove the 2 back brace plates.2. The temperature of the water should not exceed 86°F (30°C) and the washing time should not exceed 15 minutes. Q4:How long can I wear it per day?A4: When you wear it in the early stage, we recommend starting from 20 minutes per day. As your body adapts, you can gradually extend this time. Is It A Must-Have for You to have posture brace? If you sit all day long? If you feel the back, shoulder or neck pain for years of sitting at a computer desk? If you are suffering from posture ailments including Kyphosis, Lordosis (APT), Kyphoscoliosis and winged scapula? Are you looking for a product that can improve your back straight and regain confidence in appearance? No need for search anymore! Aptoco back straight posture corrector will be the one you need! Aptoco back brace is made of healthy, lightweight and breathable material, 5 sizes available (S-XXL), fit for men and women in the waist circumstance between 26.5”and 47”.It’s designed to correct your upper back posture with physical way, so you may take a little bit to get used to the back brace, but you will get well with it soon. It is suggested to wear a shirt inside in case of direct contact of skin, for people who are sensitive to foreign matter. Read more Aptoco Posture Corrector for men and women We believe that now more than ever, people are increasingly finding themselves developing poor posture as a result of their work environment and other factors. Straight posture and having no back pains is something that not only makes you energetic but confident too. A brilliant back straightener posture corrector! Magnetic therapy to effectively relieve back and shoulder painImprove posture,Posture corrector for men and womenAdjustable back straightenerReduce stress and muscle tension Read more