Arboleaf Weight Scale Smart Scale Bluetooth Body Fat Scale Wireless with iOS Android APP Unlimited

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10 Essential Body Composition Analysis Just simply step on ARBOLEAF body fat scales digital weight to get 10 key body composition metrics including body weight, body fat%, body water%, body type, visceral fat, muscle mass, bone mass, BMI, BMR and metabolic age on your phone via Bluetooth. This scales digital weight and body fat weight scale is perfect for you to track weight loss and health progress. With these in-depth analysis, you’ll be able to focus on what matters most to you. Read more Sync to Your Favorite Fitness App! Download "ARBOLEAF" app through AppIe Store or Google Play, connect your smart scales digital weight and phone via Bluetooth 4.0. Smartly feed your scales digital weight and body fat data to AppIe Health, Google Fit & Fitbit App and allow you to track and manage your health metrics anytime, anywhere. Free & User-friendly APP Support for Android 4.3 & IOS 8.0 or above system. This free, user-friendly ARBOLEAF app can allow you sign in your private account. No person can see the results but you! Measures every single day and automatically analyze numerical trends. Easily track your body progress, knowing better yourself from now on! One Smart Scale, Unlimited Users This smart body fat weight scale can store unlimited users' profiles and automatically recognize these users as soon as they step on the smart scale, making weighing easy as pie. Since all you have to do is to step on the weight scale barefoot, then this weight scale will identify who you are based on past weight. Our digital weight scale supports you and your family to share 1 smart scale to manage health metrics and improve health condition, aiming at keeping you and your family healthy. Read more See Yourself in a Better Mirror Every weigh-in data appears in the ARBOLEAF app automatically in the form of clear trends graph. This smart digital scale enables you to track progress easily with your fingertips, stay motivated along your fitness journey and help you reach your goal faster! Health You, Healthy Household Safety design in round corner can spare household members attacked by sharp corner. Enjoy stable performance with super large weight range. Kids are also provided their body health monitoring. Keep healthy together with your family and friends! High Accuracy & Step-on Technology 4 super high precision sensors make our scales digital weight ensure you accurate and reliable body composition metrics by adopting advanced BIA technology. Get instant readings without tapping to turn on this smart scale. This digital scale has auto ON/OFF, auto-zero, auto-calibration, low battery & overload indicators, making our scales digital weight the best weight loss companion for you! Read more Your Best Weight Loss Companion Seeing progress being made is the key to motivation, fitness and performance breakthroughs. A better smart scales digital weight will take you further toward reaching your goal. This intelligent scales digital weight works as your fitness assistant and allows you to know your body metrics better. With these in-depth analyses, our smart scale allows you to see small changes in your weight every day, so that helps to keep food intake & exercise along with your fitness journey. Easy to Use 3 AAA batteries are included in the item. Batteries are fixed on the back of the package foam. Set them in your smart weight scale and begin your fit day at this moment. To avoid inaccurate weight results, please re-calibrate the body weight scale after replacing the batteries. Confident Purchase! This Bluetooth scales for body weight promises to meet your standards with sleek & stylish design, top-grade materials & happy purchase. We want to provide solution in the way that works best for you. We’ll treat you like a friend, which means no scripts or loopholes—just genuine answers, and if something goes wrong, we’ll make it right immediately to solve all of your worries. Totally no risk of you! Read more