ATZEBE Fiber Optic HDMI Cable 50ft Fiber HDMI Cable Supports 4K60Hz 444422420 HDR Dolby Vision

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ATZEBE HDMI Fiber Optic Cable is made of high quality glass fiber for pure signal transmission. Can ensure the full 18Gbps signal transmission without signal loss. With no repeater or signal booster needed, no loss of signal over distance and no EMI interference to degrade the signal. Specification: Connector Type: Standard HDMI Type A plugMaterial: 24K Gold Plated Connectors, rust resistance, durable for use. Wear-resisting TPE jacket.4-core optical fiber: Stable & high speed transmission.Hybrid Cable Structure: Pure glass fiber + Oxygen free copper wires.Zinc Alloy Shell paint finish: Firm,effectively prevent cracking.Supports Full HDMI 2.0a/b specification.Support HDR, ARC, CEC, EDID, 3D, HDCP2.2.Resolution: 4K(3840x2160)@60Hz (Downward compatibility)Supports 18Gbps bandwidth and all formats of 4K 60hz: 4K 60Hz 8bit 4:4:4/ 4K 60Hz 12bit 4:2:2/ 4K 60Hz 16bit 4:2:0/ 4K 60Hz Dobly Vision/ 4K 60hz HDR.Supports 32 Uncompressed Audio Channels.Plug and Play,no extra power needed and no signal loss.Transmit pure clear digital images and sounds instantly.Low Power Consumption: 250mW (max).(Power extracted from HDMI source). Important Note: Please treat the fiber HDMI cable gently as it passes through the trunking. * It must be installed in the correct direction: The Cable with "Source" plug for connecting HDMI source devices(Blu-ray player, STBox, Xbox one etc.); "Display" plug for connecting your HDMI display devices(TV, Projector,Monitor etc.). * Do not add any switch or other extender device to work with the cable at the same time. Multi-transfer will result in HDMI signal loss. * For 4k video output with this HDMI Cable, please make sure your source devices and display devices both are support 4K resolution also. * This Optical HDMI Cable is not compatible with A/V receivers. Compatible peripherals: PS4 Apple TV Xbox One Roku Ultra 4K Blu-ray player 4K UHD Monitor 4K UHD TV 4K Projector Read more ATZEBE Fiber Optic HDMI Cable 2.0b Product Features: + No Signal Loss & No Interference: One of the greatest things about this optic fiber HDMI cable is its combination of affordability and reliability. It needs no repeater or signal booster to work, no loss of signal over distance and no EMI interference to degrade the signal. + Ultra 3D over HDMI: Defines input and output protocols for major 3D video formats, paving the way for 3D home theater. + Audio Return Channel: Allows HDTVs with a built-in tuner to send audio upstream to surround sound audio receiver. + HDMI Ethernet Channel: Adds data to the HDMI cable enabling high-speed bi-directional network communication. Stable Transmission is not stuck: Copper HDMI cable can't get 18Gbps of bandwidth after more than 30ft. This Fiber HDMI Cable is made of high quality glass fiber for pure signal transmission. Can ensure the full 18Gbps signal transmission without signal loss. And bring you faster and more HD experience. *Note: Because it is optical hdmi cable with pure glass fiber to ensure pure signal transmission. So please note fiber hdmi cable connector and it’ s body is very fragile, so please do not violently pull, Excessive twists and turns it’ s body and impact the connector. Experience Deep Colors & High Resolution Images: HDR( High Dynamic Range ) provides wider and richer range of colors, extremely enhances brightness color of highly resolution images. To improve the brightness range of display and ensure the image color more gorgeous. To experience it fully, you’ll need every link in your viewing chain to be HDR10 or Dolby Vision compatible, from streaming devices such as Apple TV to UHDTV. Thin, Light and Flexible: This is a Thin, Light and Flexible Active HDMI Cable. It is far lightweight than copper wire, so it won’t put a lot of strain on HDMI port, which is perfect for connection between your small gear and HDTV. Fiber Optic cables are slim and easily hidden making it very easy for professional AV technicians to install the fiber optic cable in walls, ceilings, and conduit. Our fiber HDMI cable is flexible, Outer Diameter: 0.189 inch (4.8mm). Bending angle is approaching 90°. 24K Gold Plated Connectors & Zinc alloy shell: 24K Gold-plated plug is strong conductivity and stable signal. Zinc alloy shell is wear-resistant and anti-corrosion, can effectively protect the internal chip. High Speed 18Gbps 4K HDR Slim & Flexible Gold Plated Plug & Zinc alloy shell Matters Need Attention: * Please test the cable whether will it display/ works or not before you install. ( Please direct from source device connect to display devices to test ). * Not all TV supports HDCP 2.2 or 4K 60HZ, some TV access to HDCP 2.2 or 4K 60HZ, no image or image static, and TV does not support HDCP 2.2 or 4K 60HZ. HDCP 1.4's TV can't use HDCP 2.2. * Please kindly reminder the signal of HDMI is transmit both video and audio in sync at the same time, so the audio will not come out when you turn off the monitor. So please do not turn off your monitor. Hope you were know the HDMI signal function. Must video and audio in sync at the same time, please do not turn off your monitor. * When handling, when setting up, do not let the fiber-optic cable be affected by great impact and side pressure, so that the shell itself will be deformed, which may cause the fiber to be stuck when in use, and the resolution will be reduced. Or there may be the worst interruption. In addition, after construction wiring will also occur broken line, so need to pay attention. * Check the appearance and performance of the optical fiber before installing the wiring. Please test the reconstruction on the equipment you need to use to avoid unnecessary trouble at the later stage. * When wiring, please be careful not to tie, or force pull the fiber, or use feet and other heavy objects to press the fiber, the process of breaking through the wall should not be more than 200N, if the fiber is broken, or the core broken, the optical fiber can no longer be used. * The optical fiber should have a small amount of surplus at the turning point, make a good drop bend at the corner, do not let the optical fiber touch sharp objects, the surplus optical fiber should be wound reasonably and beautiful, when winding the fiber, the force should be uniform, and the optical fiber should not be subjected to hard bending. So as not to damage the fiber. * When moving, use a line card to be fixed firmly, one at a distance of 1: 15 meters, do not stretch too much between fixed positions, leaving room for thermal expansion and cold shrinkage, and in addition, in order to prevent damage to the optical fiber in the vertical alignment, Stick tape between fixed line cards once. * To prevent deterioration and breaking of the internal fiber, always ensure minimum bending semicircle. When laying, because you pull the cable, pay attention to torsion and tension to ensure that the bending radius is above 40mm. * When laying the cable, pay attention to the angle of the machine, etc., be careful not to touch the sharp angle of the machine and equipment. * Note when reseating the HDMI connector. When inserting or removing the connector, gently insert it with the connector part. If tension or force is applied, it may lead to breakage, broken wires, faults. Be careful not to twist the cable and do not apply tension on the internal fibre Channel while loosening the cable. * The HDMI connector cannot be suspended, the connector's junction will be deformed, and the internal fiber may be disconnected. * When handling excess cables, follow the circle winding above the diameter of 80mm and do not apply pressure to the connector junction.