Beam Electronics Ear Hooks Covers Accessories Tips Compatible in Apple AirPods EarPods

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The Ultimate Solution For An Ultra Secure Fit For Your Apple AirPods and Earpods! Tired of readjusting your AirPods & EarPods while you're running or on the go? Beam Electronics Ear Hooks eliminate the fuss and hassle of constantly adjusting your AirPods & EarPods and provide an ultra secure listening experience. Engineered from high performance elastomers, Beam Electronics Ear Hooks comfortably grip your ear and provide additional support by conforming to the groove of your inner ear. Experience twice the comfort and secure fit compared to using AirPods & Earpods alone! Beam Electronics Ear Hooks are engineered with you in mind. √ The ultra comfortable design combined with high performance elastomers means hours of adjustment-free listening whether you're on the go, on a run, or simply listening to your favorite songs √ Keep yourself motivated constantly– Never worry about your AirPods & EarPods being pulled out of your ear during your workout √ Frustration Free Installation - Simply slip the silicone covers over the left and right side of your Apple EarPods or AirPods √ Compatible with AirPods & iPhone 6, 6S, 6 Plus, 5S, 5C, and 5 Apple EarPods If you want an ultra secure and comfortable fit for your Apple EarPods on your next run or jog then Beam Electronics Ear Hooks will definitely fit your needs! Don’t Miss This – Scroll Up & Click Add To Cart Now, These Ear Hooks Won't Disappoint! Stop Adjusting Your AirPods or EarPods with the Slightest Movement Stop the continuous readjustment of your AirPods or EarPods with Beam Electronics Ear Hooks Read more Secured Properly for a Perfect Fit Properly installed and placed, you will be ready for any activity and ensure your AirPods or EarBuds do not fall out Read more Remember to Remove your Ear Hooks for Charging Don't forget to remove your ear hooks for safe charging. (AirPods Not Included in package) Read more 4 Pairs of Ear Hooks! 4 pairs to share, use or give away! Never run out and always be assured a set is nearby! Read more Questions and Answers: Question: Will these work with AirPods and EarPods wired and wireless? Answer: Yes, they will work on both AirPods and EarPods with both wired and wireless versions. Question: Do you have to remove the ear hooks to charge them? Answer: Yes, you will need to remove them to properly charge them, but they are very easy to remove and put back on. Question: Do the silicone covers affect the AirPods Sensor that tell you when the AirPods are in the ears? Answer: No, these do not negatively affect the performance of the AirPods at all. Question: Do the block out more noise? Answer: No, these just help the earbuds sit securely in your ear. Question: Do they come with a charger or the AirPods? Answer: No, these are only silicone covers. You will need to purchase the AirPods and Charger separately.