Breo iSee 3S Electric Eye Massager with HeatingVibration Music and Air Pressure for Eye Fatigue Dry

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Breo iSee 3S Electric Eye Massager Are you always suffering from dry eyes, headaches and monthly migraines? Breo iSee 3S Eye Massager will be a preference option to reduce eyes strains. Intelligent gentle vibration, air pressure and hot compression functions help you alleviate pain, stress and puffiness around your eyes as well as relieve dry eyes, migraines and headaches effectively. Loosen your mind and help you sleep better. 3 Modes for Eye Massage The eye massager has 3 modes, Including Circulation, Med and Hard mode, providing air pressure, gentle vibration Massage and 104℉ stable heat compression. - Inserted air pumps spread around the eye massager which gives you scientific & comprehensive massage strength for your acupoint of eye muscles. - Gentle temperature promote the blood circulation to relieve dry eyes or puffiness of your eye. Which makes you feel relaxed and comfortable after long day working. - Tender vibrating power protect your eye muscle from hurting. You can choose the mode according to your specific requirement,and also help you stimulate blood circulation and ease eye fatigue. Read more Control The Music Mode With Ease Compare to tranditional iSee 4 eye massager, this updated item has music funtion which provides more functions for music choice. Added music control button to turn on/off the music. An excellent gift for students, IT groups, office staff, elder people and so on. Just wear it when your eyes are extremely tired after long hours of looking at the computer or having a hard time with sleep. This medical electrical massager has also passed the IEC verification. You can use it safely. 15 Minutes to Relax Each Time 15 minutes settled in each mode. You can choose the mode according to specific requirement. Bring it to anywhere if needed, perfect for eyes massage and help you stimulate blood circulation of facial and eye area both homes and office. Read more Ergonomic Nose Holder The eye massager adopts ergonomic design to give utmost comfort to fit your nose. Mini inserted air pumps spreaded around the eye massage machine, giving physical therapy for acupuncture points of ocular region and temple massage point as well, stimulating blood circulation of eye area and reduce puffiness of dark circles. Control Music Mode With Ease Super soft and breathable lining to fit your skin perfectly, you can gently wrap the surface by wet cloth, it would be better if you can take off your make-up or adding clean & wet cloth on your eye when using the Breo eye massager. The advanced version of air pressure give further eyes relaxation and promote blood circulation for your facial and eye. 180° Foldable & Portable The iSee3S eye massager can be folded into small size. Unique 180 degree foldable design makes the electric massager to storage easier. Built-in Li battery makes it portable to carry on, it can be recharged with USB cable. It is suitable for home, office and travelling Read more ATTENTION : Children under 7 years old cannot use the massager The massager should not be used by: a.People who are suffering from brain disease or have undergone brain surgery. b.People who are suffering glaucoma, retinoschisis or other serious eye diseases c.People who have physical or metal disorder Please ask your doctor's suggestion in advance if you have eye disease. Please do not use it when your eyes make up Please do not use it after drinking. Please start the machine after you wear it perfectly in order to reduce excessive pressure of the air pumps.