BRIGADA Swiss Brand Nice Classic Luxury Gold Hollow Mechanical Automatic Men Watch

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Người bán: BRIGADA Watch
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BRIGADA is a company that devotes itself to creating and selling classic and high quality products with best after sale service. It owns the brand BRIGADA which is world-wide brand, registered in many countries like Swiss, US, CA, CN, JP and so on. Read more 【Using & Maintaining Skills】 1. Energy - Stop? This watch is automatic mechanical watch which doesn't battery running, so you need to wear it every day or get a shaver to keep it enough energy. If don't, it would stop - but after wearing some time it would work again. Not broken! 2. Error? This watch would have 3-10 minutes error per week, and it is common for a automatic mechanical watch - there are too many thing would make it inexact like wearing time. 3. Band's features Warter resistant, scratch resistant, no smelly! Band is whole stainless still, to adjust it you need a profesional watch band adjuster or find a shop let them do that for you. Attention Don't wear a watch too tightly! Leaving it a little smooth. Read more 【Application Scenario】 Improve temperament Great to fit your social parties, business occassions and every day casual wear. As great gift It would be a great gift as every BRIGADA watch is packaged great to your families, lover, or your friends. Sport wear It can even be wear in some common sports like swimming, running, hiking. But don't let it touch hot water or ice - no shower, no spring, no snow. Read more Read more 【Other Instructions】 Is it Swiss made? We want to discuss our BRIGADA watches' market strategy. ★1. It isn't a all Swiss made watch. The biggest advantage of Swiss watches is the Swiss technology and standard, not the people. ★2. CASIO / TIMEX / Apple are almost all made in china as Globalized Time today, so do we BRIGADA ! ★3. We tried to sell our whole Swiss Made watches but this kind watches isn't so popular, so we give up that kind of Market Strategy. Choose BRIGADA Now! We BRIGADA offer Perfect after-sale service and High quality products with Environmental kraft package. Nothing need to hesitate. Similar Product for You We have a gold luxury watch similar to this watch. If you like this edition, welcome to get into our BRIGADA shop to see it. Read more