Brother Genuine Ptouch TZE1312PK Tape 12 047 Standard Laminated Ptouch Tape Black on Clear Perfect

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The P-touch TZe-1312PK ½” (0.47”) black-on-clear tape is made from high-quality materials that produce easy to peel and apply labels that are bold and easy to read. These half-inch (0.47-inch) standard laminated P-touch tapes are resistant to fading or water damage. Brother P-touch TZe-131 labels are designed to withstand the outdoor elements without fading or smudging. This Genuine replacement tape is compatible with 60 P-touch label printers and are exceptional for applying labels to kitchens, shelving, and supply cabinets. The Brother P-touch TZe-131 replacement label black and clear labels are easy to print and apply to multiple surfaces including plastic, steel, wood, and more. P-touch replacement label tape is available in multiple colors and sizes. Brother also offers customized replacement tape products that are great for custom label printing applications, such as flexible cable/wire tape, tamper evident tape, extra-strength adhesive tape, and fabric iron-on tape. This product is a Brother Genuine replacement product, which will help reduce the possibility of damage to the P-touch label maker. Using Brother Genuine supplies delivers the best results and protects your P-touch from damage. The TZe-1312PK measures 12mm (0.47-inch) x 8M (26.2 ft.) and is Black on Clear tape that is sold in as a two pack. This product is compatible with the following products: GL100, PT1000, PT1010, PT1090, PT1100, PT1180, PT1190, PT1200, PT1230PC, PT1280, PT128AF, PT1290, PT1400, PT1500PC, PT1700, PT1750, PT1800, PT1830, PT1880, PT1890C, PT1890SC, PT1890W, PT18R, PT1900, PT1950, PT2030, PT2100, PT2200, PT2300, PT2400, PT2430PC, PT2600, PT2730, PT2730VP, PT3600, PT6100, PT9500PC, PT9600, PT-D200, PT-D210, PT-D215E, PT-D400, PT-D400AD, PTD400VP, PTD450, PT-D600, PT-D600VP, PTD800W, PTD105, PT-H100, PT-H110, PTH300, PTH300LI, PTH500LI, PT-P300BT, PTP300BTBU, PT-P700, PTP750W, ST1150, ST5.