CAMEL CROWN Mens Loafers Slip On Loafer Leather Casual Walking Shoes Comfortable for Work Office

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Read more CAMEL CROWN adheres to comfortable and stylish design, gives customers a sense of unconstraint, shows the unique ethos of the brand. CAMEL CROWN has attracted numerous fans with its richly varied brand identity,and is highly popular in Europe and America. When you accompany CAMEL CROWN, active factors are stimulated and light your cravings. Urban people rush to the embrace of nature and awaken another emotion to find another themselves. If you have any questions,please let us know. CAMEL CROWN MENS SLIP ON LOAFERS ●Easy to Coordinate: Men's slip-ons loafers available in a range of shades from light to dark, brown to black. Whether you’re wearing a formal suit or comfortable casual wear, they will perfectly match. ●For any occasion: Comfortable casual mens shoes, capable of carrying you comfortably for miles, and appropriate for almost every occasion, traveling, walking, driving, business, work and casual everyday wear. ●About Size: We suggest you take a half size smaller if you are narrow feet. Type:Mens Slip on Loafers/Mens Work Shoes Upper Materials:100%leather Outsole: Rubber, slip resistent Insole: Leather, cushioned Read more Product Features High Quality Materials Genuine leather upper with firmly hand sewn stitching, soft and wear resistant materials assure you the flexibility you expect from well styled everyday casual footwear. Great Tractions Natural rubber outsole with multiple lug patterns provides maximum traction on wet and dry surfaces, helping to keep you balanced no matter where you are. Cushioned Insole Comfortable from heel to toe with a full length cushioned footbed, featuring a removable acupressure massaging insole. Shock Absorption The MD(PHYLON) activity sole and 1.2" thick heel provide a strong buffer, helping to relieve sore and tired feet during a long day of walking. Read more Mens Slip on Loafer Men Hiking Shoes Men Hiking Sandal Mens Mesh Sandal Mens Sandal Men Hiking Boots Upper Microfiber leather Leather Leather Textile Synthetic leather Leather Outsole Rubber Rubber Rubber MD+Rubber MD+Rubber Rubber Slip Resistant ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Feature Comfortable High Traction Durable Waterproof Lightweight High Traction Color Black, Light Brown Black, Khaki/Black Black, Brown Black, Dark Grey Black, Coffee Black, Coffee/Black