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CHALKTASTIC - America's trusted brand for Chalk Markers and Art & Craft Supplies YOUR SEARCH FOR THE PERFECT CHALK MARKER IS OVER FANTASTIC CHALKTASTIC CHALK PENS & CHALK MARKERS HAVE BEEN DEVELOPED AND MADE FOR BOTH CHILDREN AND ADULTS TO USE AND ENJOY! THE ERASABLE CHALK MARKER PENS WORK JUST LIKE DRY ERASE MARKERS AND WET ERASE MARKERS BUT ARE MUCH MORE OPAQUE IN COLOR ✔ Use on: Kids School projects and homework, Glass, Windows, Plastics, Base Balls, Kitchen units even use them on yourself!! Great for Halloween, 4th July, Thanks Giving, Birthday, Christmas decorations or any other celebration etc!! When your finished just wash away with a damp cloth or baby wipe etc! ✔Use on: Whiteboards, NON - POROUS Chalkboards, Menu Boards, Bistro Boards, Vinyls, Ceramics, Car Windows, any non-porous surface etc! ALWAYS test on a small area first to check that the surface is NON-POROUS and it wipes away OK Leave messages for friends and family almost anywhere - Car windscreens, front doors, kitchen cabinets, the list is endless!! INNOVATIVE FEATURES ChalkTastic Brings to you what most other cheaper brands do not. With our specially imported long lasting high quality vibrant Japanese chalk ink, and durable specially imported Japanese reversible nib giving you the option of a round or chisel tip. We have also addressed another problem and have re designed the chalk marker caps to prevent any nib damage when replacing the caps. KIDS LOVE THEM AND EVERY BUSINESS NEEDS THEM! For Kids - Children love experimenting with our Fantastic ChalkTastic Chalk Markers, the bright vibrant colors keep there attention and you can have peace of mind that ChalkTastic Chalk Markers are completely non-toxic and order FREE. There also water based so if they get on the skin or clothes they wash of with ease. For Educational or business use - The Chalktastic Chalk Markers are great. Write on any non-porous chalkboard, whiteboard or glass partition and get your message across with ease. Great for Bistro Menu Boards, LED light up boards, A frame message boards. PERFECT FOR ANY NON-POROUS SURFACE CHALKBOARDS ChalkTastic Chalk Markers are great for ChalkBaords but: When using on chalkboards please make sure your chalkboard is 100% Non-Porous, if unsure just test on a small area first. THAT SPECIAL OCCASION Use ChalkTastic Chalk Markers to celebrate that special occasion. Leave messages anywhere and everywhere. Impress your friends with these innovative Chalk Markers. DECORATE YOUR HOME Use ChalkTastic Chalk Markers to decorate your home. Use them on glass, plastic, metal and other suitable non-porous surfaces, let your artistic side run away with you and fill your home with bright vibrant colors.