ChefSofi Mortar and Pestle Set 6 Inch 2 Cup Capacity Unpolished Heavy Granite for Enhanced

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CAN’T GET YOUR FOOD TO BE THE MOST FLAVORFUL VERSION OF ITSELF? There are so many fancy kitchen items out there—from blenders to spice grinders. But because these appliances have motors, the heat generated from them degrades and mutes the bright flavors of your spices. Instead of enjoying a flavorful paste, you get to miss out on the tasty goodness of your fresh herbs. Is there a kitchen tool that can extract more flavor than any spinning blade or vicious food processor? The Mortar and Pestle Set by ChefSofi lets you enjoy bold flavors every single time. Standard 6 Inch 2 Cup Capacity, Unpolished EXTRA Large 8 Inch 5 Cup Capacity, Unpolished Standard 6 Inch 2 Cup Capacity, Black Polished Exterior Color Gray Gray Black Interior Granite Surface Unpolished Unpolished Unpolished Exterior Granite Surface Unpolished Unpolished Polished Mortar Top Diameter 6 inches 8 inches 6 inches Capacity 2 Cups 5 Cups 2 Cups Weight 7 pounds 18 pounds 7 pounds Included Pestle 6.5-inch Pestle 8.5-inch Pestle & 6.5-inch Pestle 6.5-inch Pestle Protection Pad ✓ ✓ ✓ MULTIPLE CULINARY USES There’s plenty you can create with this great set of kitchen tools. Spice up your Indian cooking by crushing cardamom seeds, create flavorful Asian recipes by smashing fresh peeled ginger, or intensify your Italian bread by turning fresh garlic cloves into a paste. Beyond grinding herbs and spices, you can also use your mortar and pestle to whip up amazing guacamole, curry paste, pesto, or chimichurri. PERFECT SHAPE & FORM The best mortars are those with a deep round shape that keeps your ingredients from jumping or spilling out. Our 6-inch mortar with 2-cup capacity is sizeable enough for mashing small quantities of herbs and spices. Its pestle is broad with a rounded base so ingredients do not pop out from under. The mortar has a stable base that comes with a non-skid felt base to keep the granite from marking your countertop. Read more SATISFY THE PALATE Get the most flavor out of your spices with this simple ancient device. By pounding and crushing the fibers of your herbs, our mortar and pestle set effectively releases the full range of essential oils, flavors, and aroma they contain. The depth of flavor that emerges in the hand-grinding process is something you won’t find if you are prepping your ingredients using a blender, electric grinder, or food processor. Read more CREATE FLAVORFUL PASTES & SAUCES WITH THE CHEFSOFI MORTAR AND PESTLE SET! EASY-TO-USE COOKING AID Nothing makes ingredients more dynamic than the good old hand grinding from your traditional mortar and pestle. Even if you already have a food processor, your kitchen is not complete without this set. To use, fill the mortar 1/3 full only to avoid spillage and making crushing difficult. Be sure to start with the hardest ingredients to grind. If you need to grind a large number of ingredients, do so in batches. SWEAT-FREE CLEANING & UPKEEP Made of minimal-porosity granite stone, our mortar and pestle do not have a high tendency to absorb flavors and odors, making the set very easy to clean after each use. To clean, simply bring out some uncooked white rice. Grind it into powder to remove unwanted flavors from sticking to your tools. Dust the powder, and you’re done. You can also wash it with water afterwards and leave it to air dry. Try to avoid soap as much as you can. A TIMELESS, FUNCTIONAL GIFT While ancient, our mortar and pestle are tools no modern kitchen should be without. With all the exciting things one can create with this amazing set, it makes a thoughtful gift for homemakers, chefs, foodies, and those who love to prepare their food with herbs and spices. It comes in two sizes, 8-inch (5-cup) unpolished heavy granite and 6-inch (2-cup) set available in unpolished and black polished heavy granite. Read more