Cordless Leaf Blower KIMO 20V Lithium 2in1 SweeperVacuum 20 AH Battery for Blowing Leaf Clearing

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Every leaf blower is too big and noisy for your daily patio (deck/garage) cleaning? You still need a wall outlet to use leaf blower in your garden? That leaf blower in your house is too heavy for everyone to lift? Most cordless leaf blower only runs less than 20 minutes? Wasting too much time scraping the snow off your windshield every winter morning? KIMO Cordless Leaf Blower PLUS is here for you! With super light weight design, upgraded battery life and enhanced output, this product can provide of power wind blowing / Vacuuming with your arm rested. The cordless design will give you around 30 minutes of run time cord-free, you can take the unit anywhere around the house without worrying about where to plug it in. Our All-copper motors runs up to 20000rpm, provide sufficient power to blow off wet leaves, garage dusting and windshield snow. This blower can instantly convert into a small load vacuum cleaner, Just Imagine you can blow off the dirt and wet leaves on your car, then use the vacuum to clean up the interior of the car, with one tool only! This Leaf Blower only takes up a hand bag of size, but could subsitiute for multiple tools, same you a lot space in the garage and trunk!