Crenova Upgraded 80 Lumens LED Portable Projector with Carrying Box 1080P Supported HD Home

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At Crenova, we believe home video projectors should deliver incredible image quality and have great design, but, they should also do more. They should be portable and connect with you and your devices anywhere you go. That’s why we set out to change the video projector industry. Every beautiful Crenova video projector is made to project crystal clear, big-screen HD images, but they’re also made to connect to any device at your home, outside, or on-the-go. BOX CONTENTS 1x HD Movie Projector 1x HDMI Cable 1x Power Adapter 1x Power Adapter 1x Remote Control 1x User Manual Adjustable foot ENJOY YOUR OWN HOME THEATER Tips For The Crenova Projector For the optimum viewing experience, operating the projector in a dark setting is recommended.For the optimum audio experience, connecting to an external audio source or Bluetooth speaker is recommended.The XPE496 projector WILL NOT support Dolby sound.Suggested use time: 2-3 hours to avoid overheating.NOT recommended for business or educational presentations. Projector Type: Video Projecto Brightness: 2200 lumens Contrast: 2000:1 Native Resolution: 800x480 pixels Supported Resolution: 1920x1080 pixels Projection Size: 28-180”, Distance: 3.93-18ft Lamp Life: 60,000+ hours Read more SQUARE PIXELS Bold & bright 1080P supported clarity for an amazing viewer experience. Finally see true color without any jagged edges or blurred images. ± 15° Manual Keystone You can adjust the projector display angle and display quality manually by moving the keystone and focus button on the projector to meet your different applications. Big Screen Experience The home portable projector has a 28"~130" projection display size with a 1.5m to 5m projection distance. We recommend you to use a 72" screen with a projection distance of about 2m Read more 6-LAYER HD WIDE-ANGLE LENS The lens is composed of 6-layer wide-angle lens, this increases projection transmittance and prevents stray light from interfering with images as well as enhancing image sharpness. 60,000-HOUR LAMP LIFE Adopted the latest smart LED lamp care technology. The life of the lamp is 60000 hours, which can save your money and protect our environment. Superior Stereo Speaker The built-in speaker offers excellent audio support which will brings you a excellent hearing feast. You can enjoy the surround sound without going to the cinema. Read more