CYZ Men 100 Cotton Jersey Knit Pajama PantsLounge Pants

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CYZ Men's 100% Cotton Jersey Knit Pajama Pants/Lounge Pants With Drawstring CYZ Men’s 100% cotton Jersey Knit Pajama Pants CYZ Men’s Cotton Pajama are loose fitting clothes that are great for sleepwear and have also become popular as leisure wear at home during the day. We select natural high-quality fabrics and our products contain a cotton requirement to reach 95%-100% in order to achieve all requirement of our customers. The soft fabric allows free range of movement so your legs don’t feel restricted and cramped up. Adjust the fit with drawstrings to conform to your waist. Waistband & side-seam pockets feel you comfort when you wear...!!! Loose-fitting pants with stylish medium waistband to make you feel comfortable. Each side has one pocket where you can place small items such as your phone or even your bookmark when you're sitting down with a good book. The elastic waistband ensures total comfort and a personalized fit. Its cotton rich fabric content is ultra-soft to the touch and the relaxed silhouette is perfect for lounging or sleeping. Easy button fly for functionality This sleepwear design creates a great functionality. Pajama pants feature a button fly that gives you easy access when you need to relieve yourself during a lazy day at home! So, it is also suitable for home life, leisure, sport. So, feel breathable and relaxed. Suitable to all weather These Pajama pants are versatile for all weather conditions will keep you warm in the winter months, but is also a great for spring and summer seasons. Cotton fabric attracts the perspiration permeability, A Model fabric is soft and extremely comfortable so you always feel relax. Our Pajama pants can be easily machine washed also. So, don’t worry about losing high fabric quality after wash. So, wear it daily and impress others by the look of your selection of taste. Relaxing at home is a luxury meant to be enjoyed! Pajama includes the fabric you feel natural fabric which allows you to wear in all seasons. These jersey knit lounge pants will be your go-to for sleeping or leisure around the house.