DreamSky Decent Alarm Clock Radio with FM Radio USB Port for Charging 12 Inch Blue Digit Display

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There is always something that brings back those best memories in your life. Take a cup of coffee in your hand, turn on the radio, life has never been that wonderful! Choose a station from 87.5MHz to 108.0MHz as you want and listen to your favorite FM radio station. This clock radio uses a high quality and high performance speaker, ensuring your best listening experience. The radio volume is L0 to L15 adjustable. Large Clear Display The large clear LCD screen delivers not only the time and alarm time but also the indoor temperature, with nice blue illuminated jumbo digits. No squinting to read the time, even without your glasses. 12/24H time format adjustable. 0% to 100% Adjustable Dimmer Unlike those commonly seen on the market with only low, medium and high level brightness clocks, the display brightness for this clock can be adjusted from 0% to 100% per your preference, which is also prefect for those who are sensitive to light. USB Charging Station There are two USB ports at the rear of the clock. The USB IN port serves the purpose of powering the clock. An extra USB OUT Port can be used to charge your Cell Phones, Tablets or other USB devices at your bedside while sleeping. Read more Two Wake Up Modes Optional Choose radio or buzzer as an alarm on your preference and wake to what you want to hear. If radio selected, it will play your last tuned in station and without stopping the alarm manually, you can enjoy the radio for one hour. Whatever you choose, alarm volume is adjustable, perfectly meets the needs of diverse consumers. Snooze Feature Snooze function will let you catch an extra shuteye. 8 minutes interval snooze can be repeated in one hour unless you turn off the alarm manually. Programmable Sleep Timer You are able to fall asleep with your favorite radio using the programmable countdown sleep timer. 10-120 minutes optional. There is an independent battery compartment underside the clock. You can install 3 AAA batteries to memorize your clock setting. Outlet Power The clock is powered by main supply. 5V/2.1A power adapter is provided and the adapter wire is 76 inches in length. Battery Backup The battery backup will sound the alarm and keep the correct time during a power outage, ensuring to wake you up at the set time the next day. And it is advised to power the clock with the main power US Standard Adapter 110-240V Voltage Applicable 5V/2A USB OUT Port Read more