Earthwise Reusable Mesh Produce Bags Washable Set of 9 Premium Bags TRANSPARENT Lightweight Strong

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Reusable Mesh Produce Bags Are An Excellent Addition to Your Shopping Bag Collection Our machine washable produce bags are BPA-FREE and food contact safe. Fantastic for shopping for all your produce - from small to large fruit to all kinds of vegetables. Load all your produce at the supermarket into our Mesh Produce Bags, supermarket checkout personnel can easily scan produce from the bags, and you can transport them home and store them right in these amazing bags. Versatile and convenient, our mesh produce bags will help you eliminate hundreds of throw away plastic bags. Made from strong, durable mesh so they will last for hundereds of uses. Mesh Produce Bags Are Virtually Transparent - Bar-codes will scan easily right in the bags Our mesh is so lightweight, it's completely see through. Barcodes will scan right in the bags unlike some of our competitor's bags, and the checker will never have to take out the fruit or vegetables to scan them. Each bag weighs less than 1/3 of an ounce, so you won't pay extra when checking out at the grocery store. Mesh Produce Bags Are Great For A Variety of Items - Not Just Produce! These bags aren't just great for produce, they have all sorts of other uses. Store toys Store small kitchen items Great for toiletries and makeup Use as snack bags Perfect to use while traveling - for all kinds of things Great for washing small laundry items and much more! Our Mesh Produce Bags - Super Strong, Tear Resistant, Stretchy and Tested to Be Completely Food Safe Our mesh is extremely lightweight which makes it completely see through but it's super strong and tear resistant at the same time. Wash your fruit and veggies right in the bag, let them air dry and then put them straight into the fridge. Talk about convenience! Alll of our bags are tested by Bureau Veritas, one of the most trusted names in safety testing to make sure the bags are BPA Free, heavy metal free and 100% food contact safe.