GoBetter Nail Clippers Set Toenail Fingernail Clippers Sharp and Durable Nail Cutter with Zippered

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Design and Features Our nail clippers set include a small fingernail and a large toenail clipper. High quality stainless steel material with sleek black matte desgin make them more attractive and durable. The smaller one that comes with our nail clippers set is slightly curved, which is perfect for fingernails and the angle for our larger nail clipper is straight, which is recommended for toenails. Additional safety features include a special zippered carrying case. That helps to prevent accidental cuts from someone reaching for the clippers while they’re being stored. This nice soft zippered case makes it easy to store and less likely to lose. Using Tips: We strongly discourage you from over cutting your nails. If you do, the nails might grow into the nail groove, causing bleeding or inflammation. Basic Features of Our Nail Clippers Sleek Black Matte Design Sharp & Durable Ergonomic & Effortless Cut Easily & Smoothly Precise & Excellent Surface Technology Useful Built-in Metal Nail Files Portable Travelling Leather Bag Well Branded & Gift Box Packaging Read more Nice Looking & Functional Zippered Case Our nail clippers set comes in a cool black leather case. The nice soft zippered case makes it easy for quick storage or easy to travel with. It's great for keeping in the car or your purse and less likely to get misplaced or lost. The leather case makes these a great gift for your teenage son or daughter or as stocking stuffers, birthday gifts, christmas gifts, etc. TIPS: We've made some quality upgrades to this zippered leather case. We changed the original size 3 zipper to the current size 5 zipper (Larger and more durable), making our storage case more convenient and durable to use. Read more Useful Built-in Metal Nail Files Both of our nail clippers have a small, but very useful buill-in metal nail file. They are on the underside of the pivoting handle and they arrived covered up, just remove the protective cover and you can smooth any sharp areas. They are great for smoothing rough edges after clipping and very convenient to use. You don't need a separate nail file anymore. If built-in files are important to you, consider this factor before purchasing. Read more Straight Cutting Edge Many of our customers prefer the straight edge to the curved edge in nail clippers, because this kind of straight cut gives them better results than the common curved kind. So the angle for our larger nail clipper is straight, which is recommended for toenails. Curved Cutting Edge The smaller one that comes with our nail clipper set is slightly curved, which is perfect for fingernails. You can get a clean and better shaped cut with its curved cutting edge. Also, our small nail clipper works well for kids fingernails. Perfect Sizes for Adults and Kids Our nail clipper set comes with two diferent sizes. The large one is perfect for adults and the smaller size is perfect for kids (not babies but older children whose hands are still too small for regular sized clippers.) Read more