H2ofloss Dental Water Flosser for Teeth Cleaning With 12 Multifunctional Tips 800ml Capacity

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H2ofloss(hf-9) professional oral irrigator--- easy to use Easy to use: Water control on handle There are 5 pressure setting,from low(L)-high(H),and one pause(P) setting on handle, the user can adjust pressure setting or stop it conveniently. Enabled with 120V/60HZ outlet. You just need 3 steps to make your teeth cleaner and brighter. 1) filling water into the tank; 2) then install the tips; 3) finnally press "on "button; It is suggested that point the tips along the gum to floss. High volume water reservoir with cover: It is 800ml and can last at least 150 seconds per tank of water, the cover keeps water reservoir dust-proof. Smart tip storage with cover: Inside the tip storage space, a removable plastic slot is included,easy to take out and keep tips. At least 7 tips can be inserted in order with plastic slot. 20 tips can be storaged together if no need for plastic slot. Powerful pulse water Powerful pulse water: 5-110 PSI with pause (p) button----Choose your best pressure setting. Pulse water frequency is 1200 times/minute, since 1200 times/minute is the most comfortable frequency according to survey. What can pulsating water do ? Pulsating water from h2ofloss oral irrigator can quickly clean up plague, food debris,bacteria between your teeth and gum which is hard for teethbrush and floss to clean. What's more, pulsating water could also massage teeth gum and keep them healthy. Multifunctional uses Including 12 Multifunctional tips: Jet Tips: 4 pieces Periodontal Tips: 2 pieces Orthodontic Tips: 2 pieces Tongue Cleaning Tips: 2 pieces Cleaning Irrigation Tip : 1 piece Moisturizing Mist Spray Tip :1 piece The multi-function irrigator that satisfied your daily hygiene needs. Multifunctional uses For universal persons: better than teethbrush and floss for normal teeth daily cleaning and gum massage. For special persons: designed to meet special need for person with implants,brace,crown. Orthodontic tips for brace wearer and periodontal tips for implants.