HOMAR No Tie Shoelaces for Kids and Adults Best in Sports Fan Shoelaces Stretch Silicone Elastic

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Silicone laces are the world’s first no tie shoelace which provides an easy-to-use, comfortable and stylish addition to any shoe. HOMAR is dedicated to provide the no tie silicone shoelaces with the best quality. We use silicone with strong flexibility and durability, and its unique grip design can bear greater tension so that your shoe laces won’t separate from the holes. No tie silicone shoelaces is easy to lace, and you needn’t to tie after lacing, once and for all. Adult Shoelaces Package contains: 1 set (18 pcs) / Kids Shoelaces Package contains: 1 set (14 pcs) Turn Any Shoe into a Slip-On -Time and effort saving. · Our no tie shoelaces can turn shoes into a slip on, so you will spend less time and energy tying and re-tying your loosen shoelaces, let alone always worry the long and loosen shoelaces cause accidents to your family members. · No tie shoe laces can hardly get dirty, even if when it becomes dirty, you can use a damp cloth to wipe away instead of removing your regular laces and soaking in some soapy water and then cleaning them frequently. -Stretch-Fit Comfort. · Made of superior silicone with strong elasticity. Our firm but flexible shoelaces can hug feet of any size and add comfort and support. · When you run forward, they will stretch supplely; when you stop to take a break, they will shrink and recover to normal shape, tighten your shoes and fit your feet. With no tie shoelaces, you won’t get exhausted after a long walk. Read more Stretchable and Comfortable for Outdoors -One pair of HOMAR silicone shoelaces fits all. · Distinct from others on the market, which only have 8 sizes for adult and 6 sizes for kids, we have 9 different sizes for adults and 7 different sizes for kids, to make sure all can get the suitable size for your feet. · Due to one more size available, people with wide feet will have no problem with them being stretched too far to stay in the eyelets, and can gain a better comfort level. -Perfect for All Kinds of People. · Runners, triathletes love no tie shoelaces because they don’t need to worry being distracted by the loosen laces. · Seniors, people with arthritis or spondylitis like silicone shoelaces due to these laces help them get rid of the pain of re-tying shoelaces over and over again. · Parents and kids are crazy about these laces owing to that they not only solve parents’ trouble in being anxious about over-active kids, but also help kids build confidence in being independent. Read more Fashion colors available. Different types of shoes need various colors to match. Black, gray, white are the most classic all the time. Other colors demonstrate the vigor and vitality, turning your regular shoelaces into a fashionable vane. HOMAR silicone shoelaces are easily mixed and matched if you want to do school colors or favorite colors. Easy to install. Homar silicone no tie shoelace are quite easy to install with only four steps. 1. Choose the right size for your size of feet; 2. Put the lace-tip into eyelet and pull it from the other side; 3. Repeat the same way for the other eyelet holes; 4. Make lace even. Fit for most shoes. Owing to the unique grip design, these silicone shoe laces are suitable for most shoes like Sneakers, Running Shoes, Converse, Board Shoes, Sandals, Casual Shoes and so on. People always have more than one type of shoes, so you definitely need these no tie shoelaces to show you distinctively. Read more