Howeasy Board Writing Tablet 85 Inch Learning Educational Toys Electronic Drawing and Writing Board

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Color:Red Overview Howeasy Board owns multinomial technical innovations and design patents in liquid crystal display with customers across the world. With an Ultra Bright LCD & High Performance This Is the Perfect Writing Tablet for Kids and Adults! HoweasyBoard's LCD Writing Tablet Pad is a reusable, reliable and environmentally friendly alternative to using paper to draw, write, take memos and can help with so much more. This small tabletop tablet is the perfect choice for designers, business men, office family memo, and deaf-mute people communication and anyone else that cares about the environment. This message board Is extremely versatile and helps you stay organized, boost your creativity and increase productivity as well as saving you expenses on paper and lots of time. Love To Write Designed by Howeasy Board Kis Drawing;Besiness Memo;Message Board;Creative Gift Pressure Writing;Key Delete;Durable Material; Environmental Friendly;Rreplace Paper Children early education Using in Classroom Creative gifts for kids Record Inspiration On Working:Metting Notes;Working Memo;Electronic Draft;Message Board Why You Choose Us ? Writing as on paper Low Consumption Flexible Liquid Screen;Battery Modal: CR2025 Eraser Button Sturdy and Durable:Liquid crystal Polymer No Dust NO Ink ;Environmental -Friendly Convenient Support Design : Stylus stands up a tablet holder,easy to leave message and communication. Color: Red Writing Times :100,000 Font Color :Olive Green Materal :ABS+LCD Display:Flexible liquid crystal [What you will get] 1 LCD writing board ,1 writing stylus ,1 battery inside ,1 colorful packing box. Warranty 12 month replacement warranty from the date of purchase and lifetime service is offered.