Inflatable Cervical Neck Traction Device Collar Brace by Siwei for Instant Neck Pain Relief FDA

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Siwei inflatable neck traction device is made of premium surface material, offer a physical therapy to your cervical spine. It has two hook-and-loop straps at the front part, which enables it be adjusted to the optimal compression as you need. It’s also easy to carry after being deflated, convenient for family or business trip. (Size: 12" to 17" around the neck) GET INSTANT PAIN RELIEF HAVE A STIFF NECK? Office jobs lead to a sedentary lifestyle, and excessive housework makes the neck painful and hard to move. Many people are suffering from headaches, stiffness or dizziness caused by incorrect cervical posture. As the unhealthy habit last for years, the symptom gets worse and makes it even harder to sit at the desk. HELP RELIEVE NECK PAIN Siwei neck traction device can provide your neck with proper support, reduce the weight of head exerted on the cervical spine. The self-fastening straps enable you to adjust the compression easily, and the breathable material makes it comfortable for long time wearing no matter you are at office or at home. EASY TO CARRY It can be carried for long distance with no burden. Just deflate it in seconds and fold it with ease, it can be put into your bag or suitcase and will not take up large space. It’s convenient to keep it around you when you are on a business or a family trip, you can have neck traction at home or company. Read more Read more Just 2-3 times a day for 20-30 minutes a session, Siwei inflatable neck decompression stretcher can alleviate pains caused by: Chronic neck pain by prolonged phone use or desk workNeck tension by computer use at office or homeworkHeadache and soreness caused by neck painHerniated, compressed or bulged discsPinched nervesCervical neck spasms, neck strainsBack & Spinal decompressionCervical spondylosis PREMIUM MATERIAL FOR BETTER EXPERIENCE CONVENIENT & COMFORTABLE Two hook-and-loop straps make it easy to adjust the compression and the support you need, along with the premium surface material, it will bring you the most pleasing comfort. BETTER THREE-TUBE DESIGN Separating three-tube design allow the air be well-distributed in air sac, and the stainless airtight rings are solid and very durable. The surface material has short fluff, which is comfortable for long time wearing. COMPONENTS IN HIGH-QUALITY High-quality latex and steel are adopted to produce the components of the tube, which makes it more durable to use. The metal valve and ball valve form a double-protection system to prevent the air leaking from the chambers. Read more MAIN FEATURES GET RID OF THE STIFF NECK: By ergonomic design, Siwei neck traction device can relieve your neck stiffness and help you develop a healthy sitting habit in weeks.ADJUSTABLE & COMFORTABLE: The three air chambers offer flexible support to your neck; two self-fastening straps enable you adjust the compression as you need. EASY CARRYING: It can be deflated and folded in small size, it’s easy to put it into your bag or suitcase. Wherever you are, at home, company or on a trip, it’s convenient to carry.TREBLE LEAKAGE PROTECTION: Three methods are used to prevent air leakage, largely reduce the possibility of leakage due to material aging. Read more