Innoo Tech TV Antenna HDTV Antenna Support 4K 1080P 60120 Miles Range Digital Antenna for HDTV VHF

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NEVER MISS ANY GAMES AND SHOWS YOU LIKE, ONE ANTENNA, MASSIVE HD CHANNELS YOU GET CBS HD、FOX HD、NBC、HSN、Me-TV、UNVISION、PBS、ESPN、The CW、Comet TV、QVC、nickelodeon、Grit、World Channel、ion TV、bounce tv、GetTV、PBS Kids、TELEMUNDO、This TV and more and more channels are waiting for you for searching. Enjoying the TV shows, news, sitcoms, kids programs, sports and much more by 4K Ultra HD quality, enjoying the most vivid colors and amazing sounds just by this amazing little antenna! Easy Installation! Just plug into your TV’s coaxial cable port, set your TV to antenna mode and scan for channels! 16.5ft coaxial cable makes you easier to place it in your house to get the best reception.The long cable gives it flexibility to place the antenna behind a TV, flat on a table, or on a window or wall.Indoor TV Antenna Specifications: Support 1080p Coaxial Cable: 16.5ft length(13ft coaxial cable + 3.5ft amplifier cable)V.S.W.R.:<=1.5,Max:1 Receiving Range: FM/VHF/UHF Gain: 28dB Impedance: 75Ω Frequency Range: 47-230MHz, 470-862MHz Output Level:100dBμVOperation Temperature : -45 ~ 85℃ Tips for Our Customers Before Buying This Antenna: The antenna is required to be connected to a DVB-T/ATSC (Advanced Television Systems Committee) decoder TV antenna receiving port instead of the antenna IN or other cable IN port on the back of the TV. Most of the HDTVs produced after 2016 have built-in DVB-T/ATSC and can receive ATSC digital TV signals. If your TV was purchased earlier, but has a digital TV interface, you will need to check with your TV manufacturer's customer technical support to see if it really supports DVB-T/ATSC. If not you will need to purchase a digital converter box to connect the antenna. Read more Read more Read more User Guide 4K Ultra HD Quality For flatscreen HDTVs, please check the TV's manual to make sure the TV has a built-in tuner for receiving over-the-air broadcast, and make sure this tuner can receive HD signals or else it will not be able to receive and watch HD channels.Antenna signal strength can vary depending on distance from the tower, terrain, and weather. Tips on how to find channels that works in your area Enter your address into a website such as tvfool or dtv.gov/maps for channel listings in your location."TVFool" is more complex but gives a lot more detail including gorgeous plots of theoretical signal strength and where the broadcast towers are located.Please noted that your location is the most important factor that influences the channels you can get. Please visit the website firstly before buying this antenna. How to get more channels? Experiment with different locations in your home.Face your antenna towards the TV transmitter towers. Move it higher up as possible. Avoid obstacles and eliminate electronic interference. Move it outside can help you get more channels possibly. Re-Scan the channel regularly, you may get more surprise! Read more