iTeknic Water Flosser Dental Oral Irrigator for Teeth Brace Clean with 10 Adjustable Water Pressure

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iTeknic Water Flosser Oral Irrigator for Teeth Brace Cleaning To make and keep teeth heathier, the iTeknic Power Irrigator can not be missed. It can remove 99% of all food particle and debris found between the teeth and gum efficiently. Ensure that your teeth and gum will be hygeian and breath be fresh for a long time. The water flossers will also benefit people with braces,crowns, bridges, and veneers etc. Main Features: Advanced Equipment for Oral Teeth Brace Implants Clean This water jet irrigator has 600ml Large Removable Water Tank, 1 Neat and Clean Storage Space for Oral Floss Jet, 7 Multifunctional Dental Water Jet Tips, 360° Rotatable Nozzle, 1 meter FDA approved soft Imported Hose. Just wash teeth freely with your family everyday. Practical and Smart Designs for Convenient Home Use 10 Adjustable Water Pressure from 1250-1700 times/min, Leakproof and Waterproof Design, Detachable Accessories for easy clean, One-button to Control Switch and Water Pressure, 1 Pause Button to control water flow on the Ergonomic and Anti-slip Handle. Reassuring and Secure Water Flosser iTecknic power irrigator for tooth cleaning is made of Safe ABS Material, and it has got many certifications such as IPX4, LFGB, FDA, CE, FCC, RoHS etc. So people can use it safely. Read more Specifications: Water Volume: 600ml Adjustable Pressure: 10 Levels Pulse Frequency: 1250-1700 times/min Water Pressure: 30-125psi Electric Flossing Time: 3 minutes Input Voltage Rating: AC100-240V,50/60Hz Power: 18W Package Includes: 1 x iTeknic Water Flosser 3 x Ordinary High-Pressure Tips 1 x Tongue Cleaner Tip 1 x Orthodontic Tip 1 x Periodontal Tip 1 x Dental Plaque Tip 1 x User Manual Read more iTeknic Big Water Flosser iTeknic Cordless Water Flosser iTeknic Upgraded Water Flosser Jet Tips for Big Water Flaosser Cordless X ✓ ✓ X Volume 600ml 300ml 320ml