Jade Roller for Face Terresa Facial Roller Face Massager with Gua Sha Scraping Tool Eye Treatment

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FOCUS ON YOUR BEAUTY Terresa works passionately on beauty & personal care to create products with simplicity and usability to all over the world. Terresa proudly stands behind every product offered, jade roller and gua sha massage tool probably the most popular natural treatment beauty tools for the face and eyes. It's made of natural jade stone, daily use makes your skin firmer and fades fine lines. Anti-aging Artifact - Natural Jade Roller for Face Natural Jade Roller Benefits Reduce puffiness and dark circles around eyes. Promotes lymphatic drainage, helps to eliminate toxins. Helps to relieve facial tension and discourage fine lines and wrinkles. Keep your skin elasticity, promote circulation and integrate natural energy. Stimulates collagen when passed over acupressure points. Increasing skin firmness and reducing small wrinkles and expression lines. Improves elasticity of the skin, softens and tones the skin. Tighten Skin, Improve Elasticity, minimize Pores and Spots. Read more Smooth Rolling on Face By using face roller to enhance the absorption of toner, firming lotion, skin milk, essence, cream, eye gel, eye mask, face mask or body essential oil. Solid integrated frame, non-squeak-proof thicker and a comfy stranger handle. A great holiday gift for mom, wife, friends in different festivals, like Christmas, Birthday, Women's Day, New Year, Valentine's Day Cool Feeling for Shrinking Pores Handmade of 100% natural aventurine stone, give you a cool and smooth touch feeling to help shrink pores, fully moisturized skin with suitable serum will promote blood circulation, boost skin regeneration and strength the skin. Anti-aging, anti-wrinkles line, reduce dark under eyes, rejuvenate skin and health without any chemicals or irritants. Gua Sha Scraper Massage Tool Reduce for pain, stress and headaches, releasing positive energy. Relaxes muscle soreness, while the body is detoxed. Treats plantar fasciitis, breaks down scar tissue, improves mobility. Benefit myofascial release, anti-aging, acupuncture, acupressure, cupping therapy, reflexology. Read more How to Use Jade Roller Jade Roller has a double ended roller to accommodate different facial areas, the smaller roller for eye and nose area, while a larger one for the neck, face, arms etc. Roll the roller in an up and out motion from the neck toward the forehead. How to Use Gua Sha Scraper Using Gua Sha Scraper together with essential oil or cream to scrap shoulder, neck, muscle, arm and body to promote blood circulation and eliminates toxins. Keep it at a 15-degree angle when moving from the center of the face towards to the hairline, then down the neck towards collarbone. Tips and Care Instructions Use upward motions to move the Jade roller gently over your forehead,cheeks.Keep it in the refrigerator before using to get shrink pores.Clean the jade roller with warm salt water or a soft wet cloth, and dry thoroughly before storing. Avoid collision with hard objects,It is best to put it in box to avoid scratching if not use. Read more Read more