Wireless Bluetooth Speaker With HD Sound and Bass 24Hour Playtime 66 ft Long Bluetooth Wireless

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LOOKING FOR ULTRA-CRISP, PORTABLE SOUND? Take Your Jams To Go With The Karuda Speaker From Ba Baboomer There are many Bluetooth speakers out there but none that so beautifully combine function, design, and connectivity options as the Karuda from Ba Baboomer. Using today’s state-of-the-art sound software, Ba Baboomer creates explosive sound from a small package. Unlike many of the competition, we didn’t want to sacrifice design aesthetics for sound quality or vise versa when we created the Karuda. Together are sound engineers and designers worked together to create a speaker with uncompromised sound quality and a stunning, modern look. Don’t let the small size fool you; the Karuda is big in battery life. Never worry about running out of music, with up to 24 hours of bass pumping power on a single charge, you can let the music play on and on. We wanted to make a modern speaker with today’s technology that allows you to connect any device. That is why the Karuda isn’t limited to Bluetooth when it comes to connectivity. Play music from any device with the 3.4mm aux jack or connect a flash drive. It’s even equipped with a Micro SD card slot. No matter what you connect to it, you can count on the Karuda for crystal clear, long-lasting, premium sound. TIRED OF BLUETOOTH SPEAKERS THAT ONLY CONNECT WITH BLUETOOTH? The Karuda allows you to hear music as it was intended using today’s sound driver technology while allowing you to connect the technology of yesterday as well. While many Bluetooth speakers are limited to Bluetooth, the Karuda gives users a variety of connectivity options. We may live in wireless times, but with the Karuda, you don’t have to leave your favorite old-school devices behind. Connect any device using the 3.4mm aux jack. Download your favorite playlists to a flash drive and pop it in the Karuda’s USB port. It’s even equipped with a Micro SD card slot. Read more WOULDN’T IT BE NICE TO BLAST YOUR JAMS WITHOUT DISTORTION? Many speakers claim their volume goes to 10, but at around 8 you start to hear distortion that ruins your listening experience. Not the Karuda. Thanks to our proprietary software, the Karuda speaker produces distortion-free high definition sound even at full volume. State-of-the-art precision acoustic drivers allow our speaker to project pitch-perfect sound quality at any volume. So turn it up and enjoy music at its purest, even when you blast it. Read more NEED LONG BATTERY LIFE FOR THE LIFE OF THE PARTY? Without music, there is no party. That is why we made the Karuda with extra-long battery life. The high capacity 2200mAH rechargeable battery is compact in size but impressive in longevity. A single charge provides up to 24 hours of playtime at 66% volume. So no matter where your adventures take you, you can bring your Karuda along and enjoy hours of high definition, distortion-free sound. With the Karuda you can let the music play on. And on. And on. Read more FM RADIO MODE Ever go to the beach and realize you forgot your devices? Other Bluetooth devices would leave you stuck without music but not the Karuda. You can even enjoy the rich sounds of the Karuba when you don’t have a phone, tablet, laptop, Flash Drive, or Micro SC card. Thanks to the FM mode you can catch your favorite FM radio programs with Karuda's signature sound quality BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED Beautiful compact design The expression “it’s what’s on the inside that counts” doesn’t apply here. We designed the Karuda speaker to be as impressive on the outside as on the inside. Your friends will be amazed by both the sound and the look of this speaker. LONG-RANGE BLUETOOTH Connect to devices as far as 66 feet away with long-range Bluetooth. You don’t have to keep your devices close to connect with Bluetooth. Enjoy your laptop’s playlist outside while it stays safe in your house. Read more