Kids Against Maturity Card Game for Kids and Humanity Super Fun Hilarious for Family Party Game

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Kids Against Maturity- Put Endless Laughter Back into Game Night Kids Against Maturity is a tabletop card game that combines the fill-in-the-blanks game style of Cards Against Humanity, with age-appropriate humor and funny innuendos for the adults that can be thoroughly enjoyed by kids,teens and adults alike. Is This A Good Game For You? Take The Test Below: You’re tired of playing the same old board games that have been around for decades?You’re desperate to get your kids off the social media and video games but don’t know how?You’re done pretending you like Apples 2 Apples and other kid’s games that are too stale for a supremely intellectual adult like you?You’re looking for a way to trick your kids into reading more? If you answered Yes to a single one of these questions, then we wholeheartedly welcome you to the land of endless flatulence jokes, smart innuendos for adults and pure family fun- Read on! Read more Read more Over 500 Q & A Cards Our math department (yes, it’s a real thing) did the quantum physics and that’s over 40,000 unique combinations! Simply put, you will get endless mileage of fun with a single pack! Extremely Easy To Learn No complicated rules, no dice or extra gaming accessories needed. The rules can be explained in under a minute! Start the fun immediately and laugh your face off for hours! Travel Sized-Comes in Handy Box Each pack of Kids Against Maturity comes in a handy box that allows for both easy storage and bag carriage! Perfect for family trips, summer camp, sleepovers, parties & more! Read more Bridging the Generation Gap-Bringing Family Together Under the flag of Toilet-Humor-Land, we bring all generations together. Kids Against Maturity sets out to be the connecting block that allows kids, teens, tweens and adults to laugh together over 30-90 minute gaming sessions. Simply put, it’s a game designed for kids like yours, by parents like you. NOTICE- This game is not suitable for over-protective, humorless, hover-parents... Read more Unplug- It’s Family Time A great alternative to CAH, Kids Against Maturity is bound to appeal to all age groups and become a staple in your game night routine. Whether you want to be the coolest parents in the block, the cool uncle or the coolest bigger brother- this game delivers addictive a ton of addictive fun. Get them kids off their tablets, phones and TVs, and show them that they’re pretty lucky to have you as parents. Note- this realization might come years later, and many-a-pants-changes down the road. KAM would like to apologize in advance for involuntary loss of bodily fluids and accidental beer-belly casualties! Read more