KIPOZI Hair Straightener 2 in 1 Straightener and Curling iron Titanium Flat Iron for Hair with Salon

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KIPOZI excels at a devotion to giving the totality of her energy to creating the best styling tools, and providing a wide range of products for hairdressing and hair care. She is your truthful partner and will respond to all your expectations. With the most advanced design and fashionable appearance, a professional salon styling at home could be achieved for anyone. KIPOZI All In 1 Hair Straightener Curling Iron Why You Should Start Using All in One Hair Straightener For better or worse, we are B-U-S-Y nowadays. Running from meeting to meeting and trying to pick up our kids from carpool before soccer practice, it’s no wonder that we often place ourselves at the bottom of our daily priority list. No matter you are at home or travel, whether your hair is naturally curly or bone straight, KIPOZI V7 hair straightener helps you achieve multiple salon looks in short time, leave your luscious locks looking shiny and refreshed, all while preserving volume and bounce. Read more 3D FLOATING PLATES No need to tug or pull, as this tool is made with a small suspension system — the floating plates adjust to compress your hair while styling UNLOCK YOUR BEAUTY Pull the plates and the handle to relative direction to lock it, and push to opposite directions to unlock it (you may hold tightly on the middle of the iron and pull it hard enough) Details for Safety It has a nice 8 ft long and tangle-free 360° swivel cord that doesn’t get twisted up or tangled allows for comfortable styling. Read more CLASSY EQUIPMENT CLASSY LADY The KIPOZI V7 package comes with- Heat Resistant Glove salon comb 2 salon hair clips Travel velvet pouch Exquisite gift box STAY IN FASHION WORLDWIDE Made with Worldwide voltage 100-240V, enabling it to be used anywhere in the world, so see the world while the world sees you at your most ravishing. ON THE GO WITH KIPOZI It is a bold work of art, lifting you and your hair physically and emotionally. With the KIPOZI V7 you, don’t find a style A style finds you Read more