6ft 188m LISEN iPhone Charger Cable Apple MFi Certified Never Rupture Lightning to USB A Cable

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WHAT IS MFi ? MFi is a kind of express license for external accessories produced by authorized accessory manufacturers. It is the abbreviation of ‘Made for iPhone / iPod / iPad’.The certification test process is extremely demanding, with a pass rate of only 2%.Apple only provides service for Apple hosts for MFi-certified accessories. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: Q1: Is this cable Apple MFi ?A1: The iPhone charger cable we sell is a true MFi-certified Lightning cable. You can log in to the official Apple MFi Licensed Accessories (mfi·apple·com) and search our brand "LISEN" to confirm.Q2: Does it charge fast ?A2: Yes, it charges quickly with the 2.4A (max) current.Q3. Does it support data transfer ?A3: Sure, syncing is very well and fast.Q4: What kind of material of this iPhone charger ?A4: Two-shade braided nylon which is flexible and tangle-free.Q5: How long is it ?A5: 6ft (1.88m) length.Q6: Will it work with phone with cases ?A6: The ultra-compact connector is slim enough to perfectly fit for most of cases. About the error message "This accessory may not be supported by device" or "Stop Working": The message would appear if you were using a non-Apple wall charger or in poor contact, but even if you are using an Apple accessory, the error can also happen for the firmware problem with iOS. You can try the following solutions: You can use a pushpin to clean out the pocket lint or debris from the charging port.Wipe the Lightning end with a tissue to remove dirt and oxidation marks on the lightning end.Use the original charger or MFi authorized charger, because some laptop USB output ports may have insufficient power output. If it still can't fix the problem, please find us, we will solve your problems ASAP. iPhone Charger Cable with Durable Two-shade Braided Armor Nylon 6ft APPLE MFi CERTIFIED Truly Apple MFi certified, perfectly compatible with all of your iPhone, iPad and iPod devices, charge and sync freely. ORIGINAL C48 TERMINAL Adopted original C48 terminal, which ensure a more stable compatibility.No warning messages and connection issue bother you. USEFUL STICKY BUCKLES FOR STORAGE With the sticky buckles to keep the cable organized when you don't want to use that length sometimes.Also to keep it neatly folded or rolled up for storage. Read more