M KITCHEN WORLD Silicone Basting BBQ Pastry and Oil Brush Orange Turkey Baster Barbecue Utensil

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THE ONLY SET OF BASTING & PASTRY BRUSHES YOU WILL EVER NEED Whether you are a professional cook or simply cook for your family or friends, you need top quality products in your kitchen. Probably you might have already heard the chef`s advice to “use the right tools for the job.” Cooking is an art and when you are in the kitchen you become an artist! Create a work of art every time you use your brushes and enjoy better basting all around! In order to create genuine masterpieces, artists need top quality silicone utensils! This set of 2 basting / pastry / bbq brushes with silicone heads are heat resistant and perfect for barbecue sauces and pastry. You can use the smaller brush in the kitchen for tasks like greasing muffin cups, brushing hot butter onto bread and biscuits, or brushing egg whites or chocolate sauce onto pastries. The larger brush is perfect for brushing barbecue sauce onto chicken, beef, and burgers on the grill. You can baste the Thanksgiving turkey for flawless roasting results. Regular metal or wood basting brushes retain odors, clumps and stain. The M KITCHEN WORLD Silicone Basting / Pastry / bbq Brushes work like a natural bristle brush but with the added conveniences of heat resistance, easy cleaning, and odor resistance. These durable, long lasting brushes with a sleek design can be the perfect gift for anyone who loves cooking! Moms, dads, cooks, or expert bakers, everyone needs the M KITCHEN WORLD Brushes! They are perfect for stocking stuffers too! Built-in Grid The 4 rows of 15 silicone coated bristles and the easy spread mesh inside the bristles enable the brushes to hold more sauce/cooking juice, and release and spread it evenly, easily, and better than regular brushes. And with bristles made from durable silicone that can withstand temperatures of up to 446⁰F / 230⁰C, they are perfect for use before, during and after cooking. Read more Easy to Spot Never again do you need to hunt around for your basting brushes in the drawer! M KITCHEN WORLD’s bright orange signature color and amazing design makes spotting the brushes incredibly easy, as they most definitely stand out among other regular utensils. Read more Versatile Set Our basting brushes are great for basting everything, from potatoes to roasts and from applying juices to meats to butting the tops of breads. The durable silicone bristles will not shed or change shape over time. The set can be used for all different types of cooking. Use the brushes to suck up oil, melted butter or marinades before basting or brushing your cooking. Read more Easy to Hang If you don’t want to store your brushes in a drawer, and prefer to have them within arm’s reach, the hanging hole design makes it easy to hang the brushes on the wall. The bright orange color will make any kitchen a happy place! Read more Check out our M KITCHEN WORLD utensils collection and complete your collection with our Silicone Spatulas Set! If you love our Basting Brushes, then you would definitely love our Spatula Set as well! Our Silicone Spatulas are BPA free, and made from high-quality, flexible, non-sticking and heat-resistant silicone. They will not scratch non-stick cookware, melt, discolor, warp or chip like regular, typical nylon or rubber spatulas. The perfectly angled head and ergonomically designed handles will prove very reliable with the heaviest batters, or whether you use them as a scraper spatula, icing spatula, baking or mixing spoon. Incredibly versatile, the spatulas are amazing for removing waffles and flipping eggs or pancakes; perfect for folding fruits into batters; ideal for icing cakes and cupcakes. The larger spatulas allow for bigger jobs, while the smaller ones can be used for smaller pots and pans. The spatulas are antimicrobial, and the heads pop off easily for perfect cleaning, either by hand with soap and water or in the dishwasher, leaving bacteria and grime no place to hide and reducing chances of food cross-contamination. Food won’t stick to them and they don’t hold odors from food or flavorings.