Manual Coffee Grinder with Conical Burr Hand Mill with Adjustable Setting Portable Burr Coffee

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Why should you choose the Vescoware Burr Coffee Grinder? Compared to electric grinders, the Vescoware hand operated mill does not require electric or battery power to work. It is much lighter in weight and therefore much easier to carry with you to wherever you want to go. Stick it in your handbag when going to the park or beach, pack it in your suitcase when travelling, or, leave it in your drawer at the office. This makes it handy for you to enjoy your favorite cup of Joe in the way you want it, at any time, and, at any place If you are looking for one of the best coffee preparation machines that will give you a good workout and get your temperature ticking before enjoying an authentic drink, then, we are sure you won't be disappointed Is It Worth Grinding Your Own Coffee? If you are an ardent coffee drinker, then, you should know that grinding your own whole coffee beans and in a way that retains all the essential elements in the beans is the best way to experience and enjoy the true taste of coffee. And, to many coffee aficionados, coffee tastes much better if brewed as soon as the beans are ground. This means, if you are a perfectionist, having a home grinder, or, a grinder that you can take anywhere with you, is a must if you want to enjoy your coffee at its potential. The Manual coffee grinder by Vescoware is designed to help you do just that. Quick Points for You to Know About the Vescoware Manual Coffee Bean Mill: MONEY SAVING FEATURES – Ground container with measuring line markers ensures you don't need to spend extra money buying a scoop or grind more beans than you need.PORTABLE AND EASY TO CARRY – Compared to electric grinders, ours is much lighter in weight and therefore much easier to carry with you to wherever you want to go.WILL LAST MUCH LONGER THAN MANY OTHER COFFEE GRINDERS – Your mill will outperform many others you will find on the market. Thanks to the high quality and industrial grade componentsWILL GIVE YOU A MUCH BETTER GRIND THAN MANY OTHER GRINDERS – Our ceramic burr grinder crushes beans to uniform sizes to give you an even extraction for an enjoyable drinkYET MORE DURABLE AND A MUCH BETTER PERFORMANCE – You may spend much less on our hand coffee grinder, yet, it will perform and last much longer than many expensive electrical versions Why Buy From Vescoware? Vescoware is all about quality and visual appeal. Our belief is that you should live your life in full and also be surrounded by some of the most appealing and high quality products you can lay your hands on without breaking the bank Our philosophy is simple – manufacture and sell very high quality products and follow it up with hard-to-beat support. Our goal is to constantly examine and question products, and wherever necessary and whenever possible, redesign to ensure you have a product that will always be fit for its intended purpose. Quality is therefore at the basis of everything we do. Thus, we would never cut corners or reduce quality in order to unnecessarily compete Try any of our products and we are very confident you will never be disappointed with the quality, or, after sales service Get the Authentic Taste of Coffee at Any Time & Place PortableLightweightPracticalSimpleInexpensiveEasy to Use Read more Get the Real Taste, Flavors and Aromas from Your Coffee The conical ceramic burr used in our grinder can give you consistent grinding and will not heat up your roasted beans. This means they will retain their essential oils to give you the perfect taste you expect – the dream of every coffee connoisseur Read more Full Control Over How Smooth or Coarse You Want Your Coffee to Be With our beans mill, your fine grind for Americano, the medium-sized for drip pot brewing or the coarse-ground for cold brewing will come out exactly as you want them, thanks to the built-in adjustable selector that gives you complete control over the size of ground for the perfect brew Read more Built to Last and To Save You Money Food-grade stainless steel 304 components for durability and better performanceGround container with measuring line markers ensures you don't need to spend extra money buying a scoop or ground more beans than you need.The see-through facility and the tbsp line markers on the grinder help you know exactly how much ground you have obtained for the type of coffee you want to prepare. Read more Enjoy Your Brew in the Way You Want It No under-extracted or over-extracted beans for an even extraction for an enjoyable drinkEasily fit it into your handbag or luggage to enjoy your favorite brew, whether camping, outdoors, travelling, at work, in the park, etcLow noise levels to make sure you do not disturb anyone when aiming to enjoy the true taste of Arabica, Turkish coffee, Americano, drip coffee, etc Read more