Medical Alert Bracelet with Personalized Emergency Code and Warning Calling System 1 Year Included

Người bán: The Guardian Call
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Technology is also evolving in paramedic field and developing new gadgets for saving human life. For people with medical issues, Elderly, Kids, and even pets, we are introducing The Guardian Call Bracelet. Wear it for emergency conditions or gift it to your loved ones for their safety. This special band will protect your relatives and friends. Through this life-saving tool, you can reach in time for saving your close person. In situations when you cannot speak for yourself the Guardian Call Bracelet will be there for you. Bracelet’s silicone rubber band with 13 mm and surgical stainless steel plate that make it strong and durable. Its high quality material is waterproof, resistant to corrosion, shock and all weather conditions. It is easy to put on and its locking clasp is adjustable for all wrist sizes. It is simple to use, you do not need any trainings or specialization for using this instrument. It is comfortable to wear and prevent your wrist from rashes or marks that often cause due to low standard band material. Engraved with a first aid symbol so that it can catch the eye of people in case of accident. Every bracelet has a carved Nation-wide Toll free 1-800 call center number and a unique code that identifies customer’s identity. Emergency center associate with that number provide services and appropriate support 24/7. Bracelet icons can help to identify any person or any situation that you can't talk. This feature will help the surrounding people to take precautionary measures when sufferer’s symptoms appear. You have to register and signup yourself in the Guardian Call System to Activate your Bracelet. Any person who is near the owner of bracelet have to call on the emergency number and then type the user code. The Guardian Call System will automatically transfer the call to your emergency contacts.