mysuntown Winter Hats for Men and Women Trooper Hunting Hat Ushanka Hat with Ear Flaps Windproof

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Classic Trooper Hat Old school style meets tenacious warmth in this Russian-style unisex Winter Trooper hat or Mysuntown hunting hat. Flock lining provides warmth and comfort. Polyester outer shell makes cleaning the hat easy. Chin straps and buttons fasten ear flaps. Removable face mask protects against the wind in extreme outdoor weather or during snow sports like skiing and snowboarding. Effective Wind-Protection The removable face mask will keep your face protected from biting winds whether you work outdoors or enjoy winter sports. The windproof mask attaches to the hat with two snap buttons on either side,which can be removed easily and stow away when not in use. The ears and chin are highly sensitive to cold weather, and must be protected from wind and frost,and the Mysuntown Winter trooper helps to do just that. Stylish Leisure Wear The classic unisex Mysuntown Winter Trooper Hat doubles as a Russian-style leisure hat when the weather is less cold. Tie back the ear flaps when not required for a different look and in warmer weather. They can be tied back by pulling the adjustable chin straps over the head. The attractive dark faux fur lends a classic look that can be worn up or down. Unisex Trapper Hat for All The hat is suitable for men and women, and also for all kinds of winter wear. Whether you are hunting in the woods,playing outdoors or heading out into town on a winter's evening, this hunting hat will provide you with the warmth that you need. The hat translates very well into modern outfits. Wear it with a coat or poncho, jeans and boots, and you can look great. Adjustable Chin Strap Chin Strap buckle design can greatly prevent chill wind and it can also change style by putting the earmuffs up or down. Warm Material 100% premium insulating polyester outer shell combined with a luxurious inner faux fur layer. Comfortable and soft plush 360°degrees to keep warm. Removable Face Mask Breathable and removable face mask not only keep your face warm but also prevents wind. Waterproof Outer Shell Waterproof material can keep your head dry when you play outdoor sports. Read more Mysuntown Winter Windproof Hat & Trapper Hat, Warm Hats mysuntown Trooper Winter Hat Ushanka Skiing Hunting Hat Unisex Style Mysuntown Winter Gloves for Men and Women Mysuntown Winter Beanie Hats Scarf Touch Screen Gloves mysuntown Ski Mask Winter Balaclava Fabric Content 100% Premium insulating polyester outer shell combined with a luxurious inner faux fur layer 100% Premium flocking outer shell combined with a luxurious inner faux fur layer 100% WATERPROOF The knit on the outside and fleece on the inside Cationic and thermal thicker fleece fabrics Size 22"-24" 22"-24" Medium/Large/X-Large One Size One Size Color Available 5 colors available 3 colors available 1 color available 3 colors available 2 color available