Natural Riches Tea Tree Shampoo 16 fl oz Special Tea Tree Oil Shampoo Fights Dandruff with Pure Tea

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Dandruff Fighting Shampoo with Pure Natural Essential Oils contains Antiseptic and Anti-fungal properties…. Natural Riches Tea Tree Oil Shampoo is free from all kind of harsh chemicals that are the leading reason of chronic hair problems. It nourishes hair follicles with essential nutrients helps with reversing hair damage. Our Natural formula contains dandruff fighting agents and has abundance of pure natural essential oils with antiseptic and anti fungal properties. It helps promote hair regrowth. Tea tree oil is famous for its germicidal, fungicidal and antiseptic properties. It heals and fights itch, helps with dryness and irritation enabling hair regrowth. Benefits: · Contains tea tree oil for hair · Contains no SLS (sulfate), no paraben, no gluten and is free from harsh chemicals. · Safe to use on color treated hair · For daily use · For all hair types, men & women. · Helps fix dandruff and dry itch scalp · Cruelty free. Healthy hair comes from healthy scalp. Tea Tree Oil Shampoo is formulated with beneficial natural ingredients to promote healthy and strong hair and scalp. It is sulfate free and paraben free. Gentle enough for daily use and for all hair types. Tea Tree Shampoo is light, won’t weight your hair down and will keep your scalp happy and refreshed. Sulfate Free, Dandruff fighting Shampoo for Healthier and Longer Hair.. Daily use Shampoo for all types of hair. Helps you get healthy scalp with natural ingredients to promote healthier and stronger hair.. Safety Warning: For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes when using this product. If contact occurs, rinse eyes thoroughly with water. Discontinue use if condition worsens or does not improve after regular use of this product as directed. Keep out of reach of children. FDA Statement: This statement herein has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.