Nature Blossom Herb Garden Kit 5 Herbs To Grow From Seed Basil Cilantro Sage Parsley and Thyme Seeds

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EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO EASILY GROW 5 CULINARY HERBS AT HOME, IN ONE GIFT BOX GROW 5 POPULAR HERBS AT HOME - EVERYTHING YOU NEED IS INCLUDED MADE IN THE USA. NON GMO SEEDS. READY FOR PLANTING Grow Five Popular Herbal Plants: - Basil - Cilantro - Parsley - Thyme - Sage SEEDS ARE SOURCED IN THE USA, 100% NON-GMO, 100% CHEMICAL FREE You Deserve The Best! We partnered with local farms to make sure you will receive the most freshest seeds, and nothing but the best seed starting components. Rest assure that with Nature's Blossom's growing kits, you get your moneys worth. ENJOY OUR 100% GROW POLICY! If you have any issues, or your herb seeds don’t grow as you’d hoped, we’ve got your back! Everything You Need to Get Growing: ✔ 5 Seed Packets ✔ 5 Seed Starting Soil Pellets ✔ 5 Biodegradable Growing Pots ✔ 5 Plant Labels to Track Your Progress ✔ Detailed Guide with Sowing & Growing Tips NO ADDITIONAL GARDENING TOOLS NEEDED Read more WHY CHOOSE NATURE'S BLOSSOM? Design for Beginners and Experts alike Designed for kids & adults. A fun gardening project for the entire family no matter what your experience is. Sow & Grow Indoor or Outdoor with the Highest Germination Rates of all Grow Kits Open pollinated seeds, packaged in heat sealing foil seed packets to allow long term storage. ENJOY OUR 100% GROW POLICY! If you have any issues, or your herb seeds don’t grow as you’d hoped, we’ve got your back! Grow Your Own Herbs Kitchen Garden These 5 herbs are amazing for cooking, sauces, making salads, drinks and more. Now it is your chance to finally grow the spice garden you always dreamed of. This indoor kit is great for apartments with a lot of windows, balconies, or for houses with a sunny patio or yards. Read more It's Time To Get Growing! There's nothing like the taste of fresh herbs that were just picked from your own herb garden! Nature's Blossom's gardening kit offers you a fun introduction to the exciting world of home gardening, with everything you need to grow 5 beautiful and culinary herbs! Read more