Omega 3 Fish Oil 3000mg Tripple Strength Burpless EPA and DHA 3 6 9 Supplement 180 Count

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Omega-3s have been gaining traction over the past decade as a healthy fat that supports the healthy function of brain, heart, joints and more. Fish oil capsules gained in popularity partially because many people simply do not like the taste of fish. Molecularly Distilled to remove potentially dangerous heavy metals Triple Complex Punch of Thicker Gelcap Capsules Plus Mini Size Plus from natural sea life Eliminates Fish Burps and Fishy Aftertaste and are very easy to swallow. MAXIMUM DOSE AND POTENCY - 3,000mg per serving Pharmaceutical Grade Triglyceride Fish Oil Pills Highest Potency Omega 3 With 630mg DHA & 915 mg EPA (MORE POTENT THAN OTHER 360 500 700 800 1000 1000MG 1200mg 1200 1240 1500 CHEAP PRODUCTS) MOLECULARLY DISTILLED FOR BEST ABSORPTION - The distillation process we use ensures the best absorbtion by the body while removing any heavy metals or toxins to ensure the product is 100% safe for you and your family NEW SMALL EASY TO SWALLOW PILLS - No need for enteric coating as we made the tiny softgels the optimum thickness so the triglyceride fatty acids would make it past the stomach acid to prevent fishy breath With 1,640 milligrams of omega-3 per serving, Ultra Omega-3 delivers the highest level of DHA and EPA to help optimize heart health, help reduce bad cholesterol levels and improve overall wellness