Oratec 2 in 1 Photo Frame Indoor HD Digital TV Antenna Amplified 4K 1080P Local Broadcast Signal 85

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✿ The Return of the Antenna ✿ ➤ Still spending $103 per month on something you’ll use for just 30 hours? ➤ Was there an easy, cheap, legal, and reliable way to gain access to many of the big networks? ➤ Well, it turns out there is! Step forward the trusty TV antenna. There’s undeniably been a widespread rediscovery of the decades-old technology. The National Association of Broadcasters says a scarcely-believable 29 percent of Americans weren’t even aware that local and network TV was free to watch. What exactly can you watch? Much of it depends on your location. The quality of signal can vary widely from place-to-place. Remember, we’re now in an era of digital TV antennas. Unlike analog antennas, which could still deliver something resembling an on-screen image even if the signal was poor, digital antennas with bad reception will constantly be cutting out and thus make broadcasts virtually unwatchable. If you’re not sure what the signal is like in your area, check out the Federal Communications Commission’s free tool. ➤ dtv.gov/maps ➤ antennaweb.org/Address Broadly speaking, if you live in a large town or city, you’ll definitely have access to NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, CW and PBS. Other networks include PBS Kids, Create, MyNetworkTV, MeTV, Antenna TV, Escape, Grit, Laff, This TV, Bounce TV, Ion Television, Ion Life and hundreds more smaller networks, which can reach more than 70 percent of American homes. ✿ How to Get Started ✿ Click the "BUY NOW" button.