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Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with Clinically Proven Capsimax is Doctor Approved and Formulated to Help: Promote Weight Loss, Boost Metabolism, & improve energy with scientifically backed clean natural ingredients. The Only Apple Cider Vinegar with Clinically Proven Capsimax For Weight Management Capsimax is a Natural Thermogenic Proven to Boost Metabolism & Backed by Multiple Studies Read more Our core belief is in making supplements that work, we use clinically proven ingredients, at the clinically proven dose. The 100 mg of Capsimax dose used in our Apple Cider, is the same clinically proven dose that has been shown in clinical trials to burn 100 calories a day. ORGANIC APPLE CIDER VINEGAR - Pure unfiltered, NON-GMO, organic apple cider vinegar, to support healthy digestion, Immune, cleanse, and detoxification. CAPSIMAX - Capsimax is a patented extract of the capsaicin from red hot pepper. Studies show, consuming 10 grams of capsaicinoids (red hot pepper) provides significant weight management benefits. The PROBLEM is, consuming this amount of hot pepper would be unbearably hot. Capsimax is made from with patented OmniBead technology with a controlled-release outer coating and capsicum extract inside, harnessing all the beneficial heat of natural hot peppers, without the burn. ORGANIC GINGER ROOT - Ginger helps support detoxification and digestion.* 100% ORGANIC RAW APPLE CIDER Apple Cider Vinegar is made from organic apple cider that has undergone a fermentation process, creating health-promoting probiotics and enzymes. We use unfiltered NON-GMO organic raw apple cider vinegar that combined with Capsimax and Ginger work together to support digestion and improve overall gut health. Clinically Proven Capsimax The only apple cider vinegar on the market which uses clinically proven all natural Capsimax. Numerous Clinical Studies support the benefits and safety of Capsimax. Capsimax harnesses the beneficial heat of natural hot peppers in a concentrated form. Patented OmniBead Technology encapsulates natural capsaicinoids in a controlled release coating to deliver effective levels without the oral or gastric irritation. DR APPROVED Our Apple Cider Vinegar was is formulated using scientifically backed ingredients and approved by Dr. Ari Magill. Our product contains no artificial fillers, preservatives, GMO's or food dyes. It's manufactured in the USA in a cGMP FDA certified facility. Read more