SOLIOM S90 Pro Outdoor Home Security Solar Battery Camera 1080P Wireless Smart IP Camera with Night

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SOLIOM S90 pro Solar battery powered surveillance outdoor home security camera system totally wire free. You can use free Soliom App to remotely access the camera, get a live view, take a snapshot, manually record video. You can also listen and talk back to your visitors,pets even warn off any intruders. Simply Install Soliom S90 pro around your house within your home Wi-Fi range and good exposure to the sunlight by adjusting the side rotatable panels. Warm Notices: Only work with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi router, not work with 5Ghz Wi-FiOnly works with Soliom app and software, other third-party apps not supportedOur PIR for S90 solar camera is a rectangle one that has a larger motion sensitivity area from left to right, but narrows the motion area from upper top to the ground. So that It’s more sensitive to side-to-side movement than movement heading straight toward the camera.The PIR range is about 16ft. Do not expose the camera to any weather with the silicone flap openYou may possibly need a Wi-Fi extender if your Wi-Fi signal is weak around the yard where you want to install it.At least 3-5 hours direct sunlight to the camera solar panel every day is needed.North side of house is not a recommended installation place.Or install an extra solar panel facing the sunlight . Asin: B082HPJD6S Soliom try to make security becoming simple and easy Technical Details: Installation: Average install time: 10-15 minutes.Video: 1080p HD, Live View, Night VisionField of View: 90° horizontal, 50° vertical FOV110°.Motion Detection: Advanced rectangle PIR with RadarAudio: Loud Two-way talk with noise cancellationPower: Three Solar light panels ( Parallel charging input)Internet Requirements: 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi connection @ 2.4GHz and requires a minimum upload speed of 2Mbps for optimal performance.Mounting Base: Separate Wall mounting base with adjustable solar panels and camera angle. Install height recommendation is 8 feet approx.Dimensions: 7.67 in x 8.66 in x 3.24 in (19.5 cm x 22 cm x 8 cm)Extra Solar charging panel: Optional to attach an external solar panel with a USB cable. you can get the suitable solar panel from our storeAfter sales support: 1 year full replacement *warrant*y for all Soliom products. Contact care@ soliom. net for any assistance. What's in the box: 1 x SoliomS90 Pro Camera 1 x Wall Mount Holder and Bracket 2 x Allen Key and Pack of Screws 1 x Micro USB Cable (3.3ft) 1 x User Manual and Warning Sticker Tips for SD card: Format the micro sd card to FAT32 format and install the card when camera powered off. It accepts micro sd card up to 64 GB capacity. (Micro sd card is not provided in the package) Soliom Outdoor Security Camera System - Wireless and Solar Battery Powered 100% Solar Light Sustainable Advanced Features for S90 Pro: Built-in 10000mah battery and self-sustained by 3 pcs of solar light panels. The current from three parallel panels will add up to a total flow of 500ma per hour under direct sunlight.Three antennas to enhance the Wi-Fi signal receiving ability around your yard.Reinforced Noise cancellation and Loud two way audio let you listen and talk back to your visitors clearly. Read more Soliom S90 Pro Solar Camera Features: IP66 Weather Resistant With weatherproof IP66 rate, the Soliom Security WiFi Outdoor Camera is sealed to repel any dust, water, snow, ice, oil or debris that it may be exposed to. It works at any outdoor weather temperatures between -4℉ to 140℉ (-20℃~+60℃). Please make sure that not to drop the Camera or expose it to hard weather with the silicone flap open. Easy to Install Soliom Outdoor Security Cam is extremely easy to install with the tools included in the box.Set up your S90 pro in just minutes. Select an area that receives at least 3-5 hours of direct sunlight every day to ensure the battery is able to stay charged every day.Don’t install the camera far from your WiFi router. Always keep a close eye on the signal level icon in AppInstall at a height of 8 feet approx. This will give you both a good PIR detection range and a good field of view.Place the bracket on the wall, mark 4 holes and drill the hardware into position. Then simply slide the camera body onto it. Intellgent Motion Detection Alert Equipped with two kind of new tech motion sensors and its quick trigger speed allows you to catch any movements with fewer false alarms. When motion is triggered, the cam will send an instant alert to your phone and record a 8s video clip to the cloud and SD card. Adjust the motion sensor's sensitivity to find the ideal setting for your home. And this camera built in a rectangle wide range PIR sensitivities: Disable-Low-Medium-High. Install Tips: Please make sure that the camera is installed in the direction crossing the possible intruder instead of facing it and not higher than 8 feet from the ground. Read more More for Soliom S90 Pro Security camera: Built-in 10000mAh Battery & Self sustainable The Outdoor Solar security camera with built-in 10000mah battery and self-sustained by 3 pcs of solar light panels. The current from three parallel panels will add up to a total flow of 500~1000ma per hour under direct sunlight. It usually takes 3-4 days to be fully charged during the sunny days if the cam happens to drain out of battery during a lasting cloudy and rainy days.S90 will try to reboot itself every 4 hours when the solar panel gets sunlight again. Remote Control Free App & Loud Two way Talk Using free Soliom App, you can live view your family and home at any time of the day from anywhere via your iOS and Android smartphones. Reinforced Noise cancellation and Loud two way audio allow you to communicate with your family, friends or pets and warns off any potential intruders even when you're away from home, before they enter. Clear Day time Video & Night Vision Soliom S90 pro Security cam monitoring your yard with a large view of FOV 160° angle lens and matching with the fast and rectangle wide range 120° PIR. Never miss any important moment. The wireless outdoor security camera with awesome 1080p full HD day and enchanced night time video recording which provides extra detailed videos. Multi-account users & Easy Communication With free SOLIOM App, you can live viewing and record videos anytime of the day from anywhere.Multiple account sharing allows you share the QR code to max 8 family members. Soliom try to make security becoming simple and easy. 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