Pharmepa Restore Pure EPA Fish Oil 1000mg EPA Only Omega3 rTG per Serving 1Month Supply 60 softgels

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Size:Pack Of 1 Pharmepa RESTORE triple strength 90% concentration omega-3 fish oil delivers 1000 mg daily doses of EPA omega-3 for intensive support. Taking EPA in doses in excess of 1000 mg daily helps to restore the appropriate balance between omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, while the rTG form of omega-3 delivers higher levels of EPA and DHA into cells, faster. Pharmepa RESTORE provides 500 mg of active EPA in each softgel, from 90% concentration fish oil, so the softgels are small and easy to swallow (typically half the size of most fish oils). Large omega-3 capsules can overload the body, reduce absorption and increase the risk of the body producing unwanted lipid peroxidation products, so we deliberately use small capsules to support split dosing twice daily; this optimizes absorption so that users reap the full benefits of EPA – and in the safest way possible. This pharmaceutical-grade fish oil is in a very absorbable triglyceride form and offers exceptional purity. Nature-identical triglyceride (rTG) omega-3 is the most effective form of omega-3 at delivering EPA and DHA directly into cells where they are needed most, because it is the only type of omega-3 to offer high concentration and strong bioavailability as well as optimal doses of active ingredients. rTG omega-3 increases cellular omega-3 levels 5x more than krill oil and 3.5x more than standard fish oil. Molecular distillation ensures the oil is free from PCBs, dioxins and mercury. Each batch is 3rd party tested to guarantee the quality and this supplement is produced in GMP accredited facilities. Each product contains 60 softgels, providing a 1-month supply at a daily dosage of 1000mg from 2 softgels. Free from: dairy, gluten, lactose, salt, soya, yeast and wheat. No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Non-GMO. Igennus Healthcare Nutrition is a family-run, privately owned company based in Cambridge - the heart of life sciences innovation in the UK. Founded in 2004, we have specialist expertise in formulating and producing advanced supplements for therapeutic, clinical nutrition. Our products use the best quality forms of ingredients, taking into account concentration, bioavailability and the dose required to provide demonstrable benefits to health.