Pink Kraft Butcher Paper Roll Long 24 Inch x 175 Feet 2100 Inch Food Grade FDA Approved Great

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Read more Read more Read more Read more Finally, the Ultimate Meat Smoking-Hack for Beginners & Seasoned Veteran Meat Lovers! Looking for an easy and fuss-free way to retain all the smoky flavor? Want to cook mouth-watering beef briskets or BBQ meats? Need a safe, FDA-approved and uncoated butcher wrapping paper roll? Look no Further than Bryco Goods Butcher Paper Roll for Smoking Meat! Now you don't have to settle for cheaply-made and waxed pink, white or red paper for wrapping meat. Our food-grade BBQ meat packing paper is NOT waxed, NOT coated and NOT flavored. As a result, you will be able to enjoy the delicious smoky flavor without any aftertaste (especially if you are using tin foil, the difference will be amazing!) Why Choose our Brisket Butcher Paper? Because You Want to Smoke Meats Like A Pro - our waxless paper will help keep all the seasoning, marinade and smoky flavor intact while allowing your pork chops, beef ribs, pork butts or turkey breasts to breathe. Because You Want A Bigger Bang For Your Buck - you can use our thick smoking paper for your art projects, as shipping or packing paper, as birthday gift wrapping paper or even as bird cage liner. After all, you get a huge 175 feet roll (2100 inches). Because You Want The Best For Your Family - while other craft paper rolls are packed with chemicals, our paper is made from virgin pulp paper, so you can make sure that your children's favorite smoked pork ribs are 100% safe. Need More Reasons? · 24 Inches & 175 Feet Roll for Multiple Applications · Ideal for Cooking, Smoking, Freezing & Wrapping Meats · Non-Stick Design for Easy Removal