Pour over Coffee 14 Pack Single Serve Portable Refill Refreshment Hot Water Pourover Drip Coffee

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Still Coffee The Still purpose is the creation of a special brand of coffee that involves employees with continuous positive social influence within their community. It is also Still’s goal to create a branded coffee series of “Still” that is specially designed for promoting the brand image and its intrinsic value for all. In addition to our expanding employment opportunities, we also take into consideration the long-term business model and how we can expand our brand's social benefits and influence. Operations and the Competition When it comes to company operations and the competition in the market space, it's always a great challenge for our Still Gospel Coffee team to maintain its spotless Christian image. In the spirit of charity and good will, we have committed to investing 25 percent of our profits to achieve the long-term goal of cultivating highly-professional team members and making steady profits. In addition, 60 percent will be invested in the coffee industry's own education and training, new product development, software and hardware facilities and equipment, and the expansion of our brand image to continue growing our social influence. Our primary mission is creating a home for the disabled in the true spirit of the Berlio family. Spirit of the Brand We have named our very special brand of coffee "Gospel Coffee" because it represents peace, hope, and love. The “Still” logo storytelling is a reflection of its main theme, which is that the love can be felt in a warm cup of Gospel Coffee. Throughout the whole process of creating and branding this special brand of coffee, it became a candle symbolizing the light of God and lighting the gospel coffee. The first "L" in Still ethereal and elegant, meaning that the fragrance is overflowing. The second "L" is the leaf of the olive branch as in the Bible, "The pigeons that Noah released after 40 days of flooding came back and to the olive branch". The olive branch stands for peace. It also corresponds with the English saying, "May peace be in my heart", which is spelled out at the base of the logo. The lower row of 2 "f"s in coffee are symbols of the stone pillars of the early Gothic architecture of the church. This means that Gospel Coffee is based upon the church of God. The two "e" s in coffee symbolize the coffee beans and coffee fan base. As we like to say "Like a cup full of coffee, this is Gospel Coffee - Still". You Deserve a Better Cup of Coffee You know you do because compromising on the quality of your coffee is not an option. It's about time for you to have your coffee made perfectly your way like the coffee master you are. And, best of all, at Still Coffee, your satisfaction is our best interest! So, you never have to compromise on the quality of your coffee and you’ll be smiling with every sip! Camping can be such an amazing experience but not without that morning cup of tea or coffee. This handy kettle is your optimum choice for taking with you when you go camping because it’s perfect for using on an open campfire or camp stove. Your coffee or tea will be ready quickly and easily, warming you up and getting you ready for your day in the great outdoors! Read more Start Your Day Off Right Our coffee is the perfect day-starter for all entrepreneurs and small business owners. The perfect cup of coffee can start your day off right. On the other hand, one that’s not all that good could ruin your entire day. Don’t take that chance. If If you’ve been looking for a nice cup of morning coffee to jump-start your day, you’ve come to the right place. This single-serve pour-over piece is perfect for you and your morning cup of coffee. Read more OPEN Tear the package at top along the line says OPEN. BRIDGE Pull the sides of the coffee filter and rest the anchor on the edge of the mug or coffee server. POUR Pour hot water (185F degree) slowlyWait 10-30 seconds then continue to pour Let it drip for 1 minute ENJOY Enjoy your very own today's brew Read more In Fangyuan Township, Changhua County, there is a "Happiness, Love and Shelter Workshop" which is mainly composed of physical or mental handicapped persons. These handicapped friends had worked hard for more than 10 years since the found of the workshop. We look forward that the industry can develop very well so that their work can be sustainable, this is our story. This story spread to Latin America along with the love of God. Touched by "continuing the joy of love, and highlighting the value of life", Luis Chu from Latin America came to Taiwan personally to share the Latin American coffee with workers of the workshop, supported this group of handicapped friends with a professional skill about coffee, open up more working opportunities for the handicapped friends and provide more social value. The "Happiness, Love and Shelter Workshop" is committed to help handicapped. Every step from the selection of raw beans to coffee roast focuses on quality and its role of social enterprise. The workshop is also committed to turn this dedication into the production spirit of coffee, share this love from God, and bless everyone who tastes Still coffee to own beauty and virtue of life. Still is a kind of peace brought by sticking to right thing, and a kind of love from God, which can make people be calm and steady, re-gain power in an adversity. Here at Still Coffee, we are fully committed to providing the very best shopping experience available today for you because we think of you like a valued family member. We want to start making you the happiest of customers and, like the genie in Aladdin's lamp, your wish is our command! Read more