Power Strip Surge Protector with 5 USB Ports 30W6A and 7 Outlets 1625W13A 2100 Joules 6ft Heavy Duty

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With modern life, the need for power in many homes requires one to have a power extension strip. Due to this fact, HICITY black surge protector was designed to avoid inconveniences. It’s equipment which is ideal for daily use without encountering mishaps. HICITY Power Strip With 5 USB Ports And 7 Outlets HICITY surge protector power strip is a device designed to protect electrical appliances from voltage spikes in your home or place of business. this is accomplished by either blocking or shorting to ground any unwanted voltage spikes that occur above a particular threshold. HICITY Surge Protector Power Strip Equipped with 7 3-prongs outlets it gives you the ability to use multiple devices simultaneously without disconnecting some. Further, the outlets are grounded for the safety of your devices. In addition, there are 5 intelligent USB ports which deliver 5V with 2.4A thus compatible with many devices. The connection cord is 6 feet, casing material is fireproof and the extension board automatically shut off when there is an overload. HICITY Power Strip Surge Protector with 6ft Heavy Duty Extension Cord Do the ubiquitous messy charging device and charging cable annoys you? Try HICITY Heavy Duty Power Strip! It has a critical auto-shutoff feature, more than enough outlets and USB charging ports to keep all your gadgets powered. It has a 6ft heavy duty extension cord and feels sturdy and robust. Specifications: AC Output Rated: 13A(Max),125V~,1625W(Max)USB Output: 5V/2.4A*5USB Total Output: 5V 6A 30W(Max)Cord Length: 6ftSize: 248*100*35mm, 9.76*3.94*1.38in Packaging 1 * Power Strip1 * User Manual Read more Overload Protection HICITY power strip with USB has a circuit breaker and an off/reset switch that automatically shuts down to protect your equipment and home once power overload is detected (rated power: 1625W). Surge Protection HICITY 6-foot power strip provides power surge protection up to 2100 joules. If you’re trying to protect a home computer, television, or stereo equipment, that’s about the level of protection that you’ll need. Power Strip with USB Wall Mountable There are well-designed 2 holes for mounting the mountable power strip surge protector on a table or baseboard, great for saving space and reducing clutter. Read more HICITY Mountable Power Strip provides power and protection for 7 outlets and 5 USB ports Wide Space AC Outlet Independent wide spaced AC outlet is specially designed for large charging adapters and plugs, thus the power strip surge usb can be fully used. Ul Listed Heavy Duty Extension Cord UL listed 6 ft heavy duty extension cords are made of copper wire and fire-resistant PC housing for enhanced, higher conductivity, more efficient power output, lower heat, and higher security. Robust And Durable Environmental protection and fire-resistant PC housing with a flame retardant rating of 1382 (°F) / 750 (°C) makes the power board more durable and safer. Read more