QardioArm Smart Blood Pressure Monitor Medically Accurate Wireless amp Compact Digital Upper Arm Cuff App for iOS Android Kindle Works with Siri Alexa Apple and Samsung Health FSAEligible

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  • CLINICAL ACCURACY AT HOME and ON-THE-GO: easily monitor your blood pressure in the comfort of your home, when traveling, or at work, trusted by healthcare professionals. Refer to the manual for the best results.

  • EASY SETUP: connects to your smartphone via free App. Works with Apple Watch or Android Wear (iOS 10.0 or later, Kindle, Android 5 or later, Android Wear and Apple Watch. Requires Bluetooth 4.0.and up).

  • SMART DESIGN: this stylish, very light and portable, one-piece wide-range cuff fits standard to large adult upper arms 8.7-14.6 in circumference (22-37cm), fully wireless, light, discrete. Battery life up to a year of frequent use.

  • SECURE DATA MANAGEMENT: store, monitor, track your progress in your app, on demand sharing with your family or doctor (in app or via email).

  • ADVANCED FEATURES: measurement charts, pregnancy mode, multi-user, easy guest mode, reminder, add notes, irregular heart beat detection

  • DATA SHARE: QardioArm can be paired with up to eight smart phones or tablets at any given time. Share your data automatically with friends and family using the in-app function or send your results to your doctor via email.

  • NOTE: Please refer to the user manual for trouble shooting