Replacement toothbrush Heads for Philips Sonicare ESeries HX702266 6pack Fit Sonicare Essence Xtreme

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Read more Made with Dupont Tynex Nylon Bristles DuPont tynex bristle has been recognized as the apex of quality in the oral care synthetic filament industry. Aoremon toothbursh heads for Philips Sonicare are all made with high quality Dupont materials and they are made to the highest health and safety standard End-Rounded bristles The medium strength, end-rounded bristles are safe and extra-gentle on gums to aviod bleeding gums. Deliver you a thorough, comfortable brushing experience. Indicator bristles The blue indicator bristles will fade in color to let you know when it is time to replace your brush head. Dentists recommend replacing the brush head at least once every 3 months. Read more Screw-on system,fits multiple handles,Easy installation(The Electric toothbrush in picture is not include) These replacement brush heads compatible with all of the following philips sonicare models: HX3300, HX3351, HX3500, HX3551, HX3881 HX4002, HX4101, HX4011, HX4321, HX4772, HX4511, HX4572, HX4573, HX4772, HX4871,HX4872HX5130, HX5251, HX5300, HX5310, HX5350, HX5351, HX5352, HX5400, HX5451, HX5500, HX5551HX5581, HX5610, HX5611,HX5751, HX5752, HX5754, HX5810, HX5853,HX5910 HX7001, HX7012, HX7023, HX7022, HX7052, HX7053, HX7351, HX7361, HX7381, HX7551, HX7553, HX7800, HX7841, HX7881HX9500, HX9552, HX9553, HX9562, HX9842, HX9882, etc. Covers more tooth surface Our sonicare replacement brush contoured pattern adapt to the shape of your teeth and gums, covers more tooth surface, enhancing the sonic cleaning power for deeper cleaning in hard-to-reach areas Design of Magnet base Design of magnet base design for balance vibration and reduce noise, achieve deep cleaning. And don't worry about disturbing others when brushing. Sealed Package You'll get 6 Aoremon replacement toothbrush heads and 6 hygienic caps in a nice cardboard container. Our packaging is designed with advanced easy-to pull stickers to prevent contamination. Read more