Rinfit Silicone Wedding Ring for Men 3 Rings Set Designed Safe Soft Rubber Silicone Men Wedding

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Read more RINFIT SILICONE WEDDING BANDS - INFINITY COLLECTION Details: Width: 9 mm Thickness: 2 mm Size 7 - 17.32 mm Size 8 - 18.14 mm Size 9 - 18.95 mm Size 10 - 19.76 mm Size 11 - 20.57 mm Size 12 - 21.39 mm Size 13 - 22.2 mm Size 14 - 23.01 mm Why Rinfit silicone wedding ring? ✔ Uniquely designed - U.S. design patent pending ✔ Safe for every use - For active lifestyle and active professions ✔ No worry about loss or damaged during work ✔ Comfortable and much more suited for movement than metal ring Comfortable & Durable Wedding Band Replacement Rinfit’s silicone wedding rings are specially engineered to comfortably fit each and every one’s unique lifestyle, whether you have an active lifestyle or your daily job requires you to work with your hands this is the right ring for you! Read more When Your Active Lifestyle Prevents You From Wearing Your Wedding Ring Rinfit rings are the ideal rings to wear to the gym, travels, hiking, rock climbing, swimming, your favorite sport and place of work, even if you work with heavy machinery! Designed to be The Ring That Fits Your Lifestyle. And with a wide range of colors available, you are certain to find a ring for you. Offering high durability, Rinfit rings are built to last and can stand up even under the toughest conditions. SIZE 5-9 5-9 7-14 7-13 5-9 4-9 Rinfit Collection RINFIT 4LOVE Collection RINFIT Stackable Collection RINFIT INFINITY Collection RINFIT 4LOVE Collection RINFIT MIX Collections RINFIT STARS Collection Material - High Quality Silicone ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ SIZE 4-10 4-9 7-14 5-9 4-10 7-13 Rinfit Collection RINFIT Couture Collection RINFIT MIX Collections RINFITAIR Collection RINFIT INFINITY Collection RINFIT Couture Collection RINFIT MIX Collections Material - High Quality Silicone ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓