Shower Diffuser Waterproof Essential Oil Diffuser

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Shower time is sacred time; a time to leave behind the worries of the day, reconnect with your inner self & be transported to your own personal Oasis. Your Shower Diffuser is here to help. The Shower Diffuser With your Shower Diffuser you can diffuse essential oils in the shower! It mounts in seconds & works with oil bottles from all major essential oil brands! The Shower Diffuser* Accepts bottles from all major brands.Fits 5ml, 10ml & 15ml bottles.Holds 2 bottles at once. Diffuse one bottle or both simultaneously.Includes Wall Dock that sticks to almost any wall & removes cleanly.Runs on 3 AA Batteries. Powers off automatically after 8 minutes. Read more #ShowerGoals Center Yourself When you are out of balance, everything in life seems more difficult. Be ready for everything life throws at you. Be Strong. Be courageous. Be Spontaneous. Be You! Life It's what you do. Everyday is full of stressful tasks, busy schedules, co-workers, kids, neighbors and get-togethers. Life can become heavy and off balance with all You do. In the morning-Energize Be ready to take on your Challenges with invigorating essential oils and feel that extra boost you love. In the evening-Recenter You work hard and give your all everyday. Give yourself the spa experience with soothing essential oils and a relaxing shower with Shower Diffuser. Enjoy Relax Repeat Read more Relax with Confidence When you purchase a Shower Diffuser, We are here for you. Questions about your purchase? We have the answers.Problems with your diffuser? We will make sure that it is fixed.Tropical get-a-way with snorkeling and spa days? We're in! Our Shower Diffuser* is backed for life because we know that your diffuser should not be one of your worries. We know you will love it and we hope you will let us know! *shower diffuser is a registered mark Read more