Silicone Hot Pads Set of 4 6 in 1 MultiPurpose Kitchen Tool Pot Holder Splatter Guard Microwave

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Multi-Purpose Silicone Hot Pads, Decorative Trivets, Oven Mitt, Jar Opener, Splash Guard, Microwave Cover and More!! 8in Multi-purpose Decorative Round Hot Pad/Trivet, Red, Set of 4 - Have too many gadgets in your kitchen? - Need multi-purpose tool to save space and money? - Need a trivet that both looks nice and can do many different jobs for you? Silicone Hot Pads are multi-purpose and can replace other gadgets in your drawer: - Use hot pads on dinner table to put hot pots and pan on - Use as gloves to take hot pans out of the oven or microwave - Use as spoon rest for utensils when cooking - Can open jars - Use as a rest for curling or flat irons - Safe to use as food cover and microwave splatter guard on small bowls and plates - Completely safe in your oven, microwave and freezer - Use as coaster for large lemonade pitchers and gallon iced tea jugs - High heat resistance to 480F - Contains NO BPA, Latex or Chemicals - Exceeds National and European food-grade silicone standards One More Use for Silicone Hot Pads... So many creative uses for these Hot Pad / Trivets Set of 4 About 8 inches in diameter Same decorative design on both sides "O" Ring for hanging storage Super flexible so you can use to grip anything you need Super strong Easy to clean Dishwasher safe Oven safe Microwave safe Exceeds National and European food-grade silicone standards Set of 4 Decorative Trivets for Use During Special Family or Holiday Occasions - Multiple Purpose! Multi-purpose Uses: Hot pan holder for oven, stove or microwave - can replace oven mitts! Hot pan rest on kitchen counter or table Decorative design to use during special family or holiday occassions Small bowl microwave splatter guard Spoon rest for used utensils when cooking Jar opener Rest for hot flat iron or curling iron Many more! More Leading Products by this Manufacturer More creative ideas for hot pads Decorative design on both sides Great for family gatherins or holidays 4 silicone hot pads included Easy storage Easy to clean Dishwasher safe - top or bottom Microwave safe Splatter Guard Replaces oven mitts Includes 121 Cooking Secrets eBook (Digital Download) eBook sent as PDF file eBook sent by e-mail after product ships eBook Contents Include: General Cooking Tips Sauces and Seasonings Meat, Chicken and Fish Barbecuing Fruits and Vegetables Pasta, Rice and Potatoes Baking Microwaving Convection Ovens