Simple Living Products SLAFD25L Air Fryer XL Black

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What is Air Frying and What does an Air Fryer do? The Simple Living Products cutting edge Air Fryer can cook foods just like a deep fryer but without the added oil. Our Air Fryer uses a Dynamic Airflow Technology, this means that this appliance rapidly surrounds your food with Turbo Cyclonic Air instead of oil. Therefore, your meals are delivered using a much healthier version of cooking. For example, your foods are cooked in a whirlwind of super-heated air, not oil. The result is still great crispy fried texture & taste. Delivers 80% Less Calories in ALL Your Meals. Air Frying will change the world you cook in. All your favorite fast foods can be made with fewer calories from added cooking oil and grease, without sacrificing taste. This counter-top cooking appliance ensures the same, crispy fried taste & texture you love but with NO oil, NO trans fats and NO Greasy mess! It really is that simple. This must have kitchen gadget is healthy, fun and fast. Load it! Set it! Enjoy it! Compared with traditional cooking or deep frying, this air fryer creates no smoke or smells providing your family with a home environment and a healthier lifestyle. This Air Fryer allows you to cook like a chef in your own home while also reducing your calories by 80%, allowing you to eat more low-fat meals and helping you to remove oil out of your diet completely. The Full "Air Fryer" Experience. Included with the Air Fryer is a 3 piece must have accessory set. These really are the 3 Most Used Air Fryer Accessories, plus they have a 3 layer non-stick Teflon coating. They allow you to cook more in your air fryer for any meal including breakfast, lunch, dinner or desert. Specifications 5.8 Qt Capacity (5.5 Liters)Timer Range: 1-60 Minutes Temp Range: 180-400°F (82-205°C)Product Dimensions: 13" x 14.2" x 16" Power: 1800 WattsServes: 1-7 PeopleIncludes Custom Recipe Book Read more 8 One Touch Easy Presets & Convenient Controlling A large LCD digital display shows the 8 cooking functions and optional settings on a convenient and easy to use screen. Choose between any of the presets or set your own custom time and temperature. With a 60 minute timer and a wide temperature range of 180-400°F you have so much choice. You make the selection, and the machine takes care of the calculations. The LED panel helps you make excellent choices - no matter what food you decide to make. Once the cooking mode is selected the Air Fryer Instantly Heats ensuring no "heat up" is necessary. Once you start the cooking process, let the air fryer work on its own – no need to monitor it or adjust the heat while its doing its magic. Read more Versatility & Reliability For the Perfect Air Frying Experience 2 Hour Heat Preservation Function This heat preservation function ensures zero food spoilage. There's no need to worry that the food will be cold if your friends or family are late. This XL advanced Air fryer has a 120-minute (2 Hours) heat preservation function that allows you to enjoy hot delicious food at any time. Customers love this feature as it allows them loads of time to cook other items. Rapid Hot Air Circulation Air Frying combines precise circulation, hot air, optimal temperature balancing, and a grilling element to fry delicious foods faster but without ANY OIL. It extracts fats & juices from the food. It then "airfrys" the food by coating it with the extracted fats & juices and making the food airborne. The final result is Tender on the Inside and Crispy on the Outside...! Auto Shutoff & Memory Control When the timer is done, the air fryer automatically shuts off and stops the cooking cycle so you never overcook or burn your meal. This is also a great safety feature that many air fryers don't have. Additionally if you remove the pan from the Air Fryer, but decide to put it back in, the airfryer remembers the cooking function and automatically starts up again. Read more Larger Than Most, Saves Time and Cooks More! This counter top appliance allows you to prepare a full meal for the entire family in record time. You will be impressed by its speedy cooking performance. This cooking method makes cooking easy and fast, with most foods cooking within 30 minutes. Boosting 80% less calories this air fryer circulates air within the Air fryer up to 400ºF, ensuring food is evenly cooked and crispy on the outside while preserving tenderness inside. With a compact, portable a sleek design it has a 5.8QT capacity, yet its still a perfect size for counter tops. Whats more the extra large capacity of this air fryer ensures even more satisfied tummies at once. With its loaded Teflon coating its easy to clean. Choose to hand wash it or place it in the dishwasher.The easy to clean drip tray catches excess fats, so you don't need to worry about splatters. Read more Read more